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Updates from Startup Nation: the who, the where, the exits [OurCrowd Newsletter]

What makes the Startup Nation tick? One might argue strongly it’s the people – and often, those people happen to be alumni of elite IDF units. Read on about that, the latest in Israeli exits, ‘pop-up’ therapists’ offices in New York City, and more. Don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to get these updates directly to your inbox! Microsoft buys Israeli cybersec startup Aoroto for $200M Microsoft confirmed that it has acquired Aorato, an Israel-based maker of security solutions co-founded by veterans of the Israeli defense forces, which only exited from stealth earlier this year. Aorato’s focus is on enterprise services in the cloud and in hybrid on-premise and cloud environments, using machine learning to detect suspicious patterns. Read up on the exit. Bubbling with innovation: Israeli therapy bubbles pop up in NY Israeli startup Talkspace erected large transparent bubbles last week on New York’s Fifth Avenue to offer free online psychological treatment to pedestrians. Passersby can enter a fake living room inside an inflated dome and chat online with a psychologist for free. The project’s aim is to raise awareness...

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High-Tech Hanukkah: 8 Israeli tech trends for 8 crazy nights

We’re celebrating Hanukkah in Israel right now, a time for latke eating, dreidel spinning and candle lighting festivities. There is a lot to celebrate (and be thankful for — Thanksgivukkah FTW!) in startup land this year. Last year OurCrowd took the opportunity to highlighted some of the tech trends seen in the Startup Nation in a series of blog posts 8 Israeli Tech Trends for 8 Crazy Nights. Since 2013 turned out to be such a successful year, we thought it would be a good time to look back at last years trends and see how far they’ve come and what we have to look forward to in the future. So, Happy Hanukkah and enjoy! 8 Israeli tech trends for 8 crazy nights Trend 1: Social Driving Interestingly, many of the most popular driving apps have been developed in Israel. The solutions tend to cluster around overlaying social with driving data to aid navigation and parking. Check out the trend here. Trend 2: The Quantified Self This trend reflects how the tie-in between hardware and the smartphone is getting tighter and tighter. People are getting more...

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Helping Change Lives: BioMed Innovation in the Startup Nation

And The Blind Shall See Again Ever wonder what causes the gradual onset of blindness? While invasive techniques do exist to combat diseases that result in blindness, wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to deal with these diseases that didn’t involve cutting our eyes open? Well, Professor Shy Shoham and his team at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion felt so—and it seems they are on their way to developing a non-invasive solution to degenerative retinal diseases. So how does this thing work? Without getting too far into the particulars, the retina is to the eye as film is to the camera and degenerative retinal disease causes the eye’s “film” to be less sensitive to light, thus affecting vision. To help the retinal cells regain the necessary sensitivity to light required for vision, light-sensitive algae or bacteria are introduced into the eyes. Using holography, Shoham stimulates the retinal cells with very intense beams of light to specific cells, providing a high-resolution image. The team at the Technion hopes to develop some sort of prosthetic...

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