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67 innovative startups to celebrate Israel’s 67th anniversary

Today, Israel celebrates 67 years of the Startup Nation. People around the world are paying attention as this story continues to unfold – a startup country with a startup mentality, creating amazing innovation across all ‘sectors’ of life. And today, OurCrowd also announces the launch of our 67th investment! In just two short years, OurCrowd has established itself as a major force in startup investing, with more than $110M invested from its community of thousands of accredited investors from around the world. OurCrowd’s companies span major investment sectors – and even continents –  and include innovation in the Internet of Things, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Medtech, Agritech, Big Data, and Robotics. So, without further ado, here are OurCrowd’s 67 investments and portfolio companies: Consumer Hardware/Internet of Things BT9 – IoT for supply chain management. Clipfort – Securing firearms with biometric authentication. Consumer Physics – Makers of Scio, the molecular scanner that has been hailed as “Google for matter,” with a top ten Kickstarter campaign. Corephotonics – A compact camera design house with computational photography expertise. Stringify – Unifying platform for the Internet of Everything. MUV Interactive – Making any surface a...

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Elections 2.0: Top Israeli apps transforming civic engagement

Yesterday — after months of campaigning, exhaustive deliberating, and relentless political advertising by competing parties — millions of Israelis flocked to the various polls across the country to carry out their democratic right and vote for their next government (the election had an impressive 71.8% voter turnout, the highest since the 1999 elections!). As Israelis exercised their right to vote in Tuesday’s election, it’s important to note that on a daily basis the Startup Nation exercises its right to be innovative. Israel has earned international acclaim for its cutting-edge innovations, successful entrepreneurs, and research in the fields of science, technology, medicine, and the environment. Over the past few months leading up to the Israeli elections, the country’s thriving startup ecosystem has been exhibiting similar ingenuity and creative execution in another, somewhat unexpected area — citizenship and civic duty. It’s evident that technological advancements and the growing use of smartphones enable individuals from all over the world to join together and propel real change. Now that technology meets public engagement and philanthropy, many more people can become involved in their communities in a meaningful way. NoCamels, a leading news website on Israeli innovations, profiled five leading Israeli tech platforms that “give citizens...

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