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Want to identify successful startup founders? Check Linkedin.

Over the past few weeks on the blog, we’ve been exploring how to identify successful startup founders (obviously, this matters A LOT to investors in early stage companies). Are entrepreneurs born or made? I remember a few years back, there were some (credible) studies that seemed to point to the existence of the entrepreneurship gene. In the book, Born Entrepreneur, Born Leaders: How Your Genes Affect Your Work Life, author Scott Shane looked at identical and fraternal twins and their inclinations to be entrepreneurs. The siblings who shared 100% of their genes demonstrated higher rates of entrepreneurship — leading Shane to estimate that 30-40% of successful startup skills are innate. Successful entrepreneurs are more tribal This startup gene theory is being challenged by some more recent work at MIT’s Sloan School of Management (admittedly, the existence of the startup gene would be b-a-d for the MBA program business). In The Power of Alumni Networks — Success of Startup Companies Correlates with Online Social Network Structure of Its Founders, researchers found that university networks whose alumni have a stronger “old-boys-network” (larger...

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8 Israeli Tech Trends for 8 Crazy Nights: Security, virtual and physical (3/8)

We’re celebrating Hanukah in Israel right now and given all the fun and festivities going on, we thought it would be a good time to look back over the past few months and highlight some of the tech trends we’re seeing in startup land in the Startup Nation. As a caveat, these trends are based upon our deal flow – what we’re seeing on the ground. So, Happy Hanukah and enjoy. >>Read about all the top Israel technology trends this holiday season<< :::::::::Security, physical and virtual:::::::::: The Problem: there are still a huge amount of online hackers, viruses, thieves, and terrorists that provide threats to people all over the world. The war on terror continues. The Solution: Israel is known for its excellence in security- physical and digital. With all of Israel’s surrounding enemies, there wouldn’t be a country without this excellence. It has paid off too: the Iron Dome potentially saved many lives while internet security inventions made many people rich. SiteBlackBox: this Tel Aviv based company identifies genuine users from abusers who cause losses and business disruptions. SBB enhances...

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