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Business Unusual: Time for Tech to Move Fast and Fix Things

The following op-ed was written by OurCrowd CEO Jonathan Medved and former Assistant to the President of the United States, Jason Greenblatt. The rapid spread of the coronavirus has thrown our vision of a connected digital world poised to solve any crisis through global communication into disarray. We must acknowledge that despite the incredible advances our society has made as a result of technology, we failed to spot the patterns of this pandemic before they spread. COVID-19 has changed the world, creased the social fabric, upended business, and threatened supply chains. People are fearful and hunkering down at home. And it’s likely to get a lot worse before it gets better. It’s time for tech to shine and help things get back to normal and to prepare for a more successful, healthy and safe future. Now is the time to move fast and fix things. This world-wide crisis presents the greatest challenge yet faced by digital technology. This new struggle against an invisible lethal threat will result in the creation of new areas of business activity. Some that exist...

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Network Technology Giant, Cisco acquires Intucell For $475M

M&A in the 2013 Israeli start-up realm begins with a bang as Network equipment giant, Cisco acquires Intucell  for a whopping $475M. Intucell’s technology provides a solution for cellular networks to optimize their mobile traffic’s speed and keep disrupted calls to a minimum. Founded in 2008 and located in Raanana, Intucell has grown at a rapid pace, evolving from an idea to a commercial success in less than a year, and has branched out on a global scale to the United Kingdom and Singapore. US based Bessemer Venture Partners, one of the most successful VC funds in the world, will take close to half of the sales price, after funding Intucell’s $6M series a investment round in late 2011, entirely on their own. Intucell’s Co-Founders, CEO Rani Wellingstein and VP products Ido Susan stand to make a nice chunk of cash as well estimated at around $80M each. This is the 12th company and one of the largest deals made by Cisco in the Israeli technology market. The Wall Street Journal summary of M&A in 2012 showed that even...

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2013 and beyond: Israel as finance hub

As Israel’s startup ecosystem matures, one of the key components of future growth will be sources of capital. Capital helps grease the wheels of commerce and is a lynchpin in Israel’s success with its startips. But those sources of capital are changing… Israel VC 2.0 Israel’s VC industry has experienced fantastic growth over the past decade. As the nature of startup investing has changed — smaller, quicker rounds with smaller exits — Israel’s venture capital industry has had a hard time adapting. The emergence of companies like OurCrowd, a crowdfunding platform to invest in Israeli startups are arising to fill the gaps left behind by traditional funding sources, some of whom are shuttering funds and struggling to raise new ones. VCs are just part of the picture If you look at financing business as part of a greater cycle, VCs and their funds address the early-stage growth companies. That’s just part of the financial picture. But what happens when these firms grow up and require different sources of capital? Israeli hedge funds are starting to emerge. Israeli hedge funds by the...

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CellBuddy can be your mobile roaming friend

Traveling abroad is many times a huge pain in the neck. Along with the costs of traveling, renting cars, hotel rooms, and food, one must pay outrageous international plans to use cellphones. There is finally an affordable and easy way to text, call, and use data on your cellphone, regardless of where you travel. CellBuddy works like this: the technology is in a phone case that not only enables the user to use the phone as normal, but also protects the phone at the same time. The case contains a modem that communicates with the SIM card, which is managed by CellBuddy’s servers. CellBuddy’s servers then enable you to do whatever action you so please; similar to the way AT&T and Verizon allow a person to use his phone every day. < The CellBuddy Roaming solution from Asaf Naim on Vimeo. CellBuddy has tapped into an untapped market with virtually no competitors. They say that the global roaming market is more than $50 billion, and the company’s target market, business travelers, represent 65% of that. As a person that...

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