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OurCrowd launches the smart investor’s guide to investing in Israel

Israel stands for a lot of things in the global economy. In their book, Start-up Nation, authors Senor and Singer codified Israel’s startup ecosystem as one of the most vibrant — and profitable — in the world. This hasn’t been lost on investors. Over the past few years, as much of the world experienced massive bankruptcies and sluggishness of their economies in the wake of the subprime crisis in the U.S., Israel’s economy kept producing — generating returns on investment in the Israeli stock market, bond market, currency market, and of course, in private equity — ie., Israel’s startups. Israel’s startup ecosystem is one of the most exciting, dynamic opportunities to invest in, and OurCrowd has a great ringside seat for seeing what’s trending right now and finding what we believe may be the most interesting investment opportunities the Startup Nation has to offer. When reading Start-up Nation, many people interested in Israel’s investment climate often find that they don’t know how to actively get involved. Sitting abroad, it isn’t always clear how to tap into the excitement around the Startup Nation, how the markets work,...

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The OurCrowd Guide to Israeli Startup Incubators and Accelerators

The Israeli high tech industry is swarming with startups, some with the potential to be the next Waze (acquired by Google for $1.3B) But where and how are these startups originating? How do these companies go from being just an idea in an entrepreneurs mind to a multi-million dollar exit? A long-existing method to help launch a startup is the incubator/accelerator program. Israeli accelerators and incubators: role in the startup ecosystem the role of accelerators: Basically the function of incubators / accelerators is to detect startups that are at an early stage of existence and provide them with the initial and basic tools to get their ideas up and running, while mentoring them throughout the process. In return the incubator program receives an agreed upon amount of shares in the startup they are hosting or a fee for services rendered. how to apply: The incubator starts by advertising its program to entrepreneurs urging them to apply and explain what benefits they would receive if they would be selected to be “incubated”. the acceleration process: The lucky startups chosen for “Incubation”...

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