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‘Hope is A Global Thing’: Nas Daily shares an impact message

If you haven’t already encountered Nuseir Yassin, better known as video blogger Nas Daily, he’s the guy who has probably popped up in your Facebook newsfeed a few times over the last few years. Nas travelled the world for 1,000 days, uncovering impactful stories and sharing viral videos about them for millions of followers to enjoy. More recently, in his OCSummit19 plenary session, “Hope is A Global Thing,” Nas spoke about what drove him to change his stable trajectory and follow his passion, ending up an expert and world-renowned storyteller – and how the ability to tell a story can impact global innovation. I am convinced that opportunity exists in…every country and it is our responsibility as creators to showcase this stuff and your responsibility as investors is to invest in this stuff, the things that actually make the world a better place. – Nuseir Yassin, Nas Daily  Plus, check out his 1-minute (get it?) interview with former BBC correspondent Anna Kingsley to hear more of Nas’ insights: If you haven’t seen Nas Daily in the wild, check out Nuseir’s channel....

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Become a Self-Aware Investor

Become a Self-Aware Investor “Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.” This famous quote by Warren Buffet – who is currently valued as having a total net worth of $78.7 billion – reflects the well-known tendencies of this wildly successful investor to make incredible stock picks, and then to hold his stocks for a long time. But how does one identify what Buffet terms a “wonderful company”? What drives an individual’s investment decisions? With so many companies and markets to choose from – and endless “expert” advisors offering advice – how does one cut through and identify the right investment route? Blueprint for Success As with other situations where there are just too many choices, and you need to weed through the options and figure out find what you’re really looking for – for example, as a student choosing a university or deciding on a career – it’s partly a question of self-definition: understanding what you want, what you believe in, and what your strengths are. The key to effective decision-making in these...

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What Babe Ruth could teach about maximizing returns on your startup investments

It’s seems a waste to talk about startup investing without sharing some of the most awe-inspiring successes. We could start with Accel, the VC that invested $12.7 million in Facebook’s series A to buy 11% – back in 2005 – in a deal that was widely ridiculed for the valuation that Accel was willing to pay. Of course, Accel had the last laugh. In 2012, at IPO, Facebook’s market cap was over $100 billion, meaning that Accel eventually realized a return of 800 times its principal investment. Or else we could have a look at Bessemer Venture Partners’ $6 million series A for Intucell in 2011, which purchased them nearly half of the Israeli startup. Two years later – with no additional funding – Intucell was acquired by Cisco for nearly $500 million. Bessemer’s stake of about 50% returned over 25-30 times their principal investment. It goes without saying that these are the sorts of stories you generally don’t find outside of the VC space, in other asset classes – and it’s the magnetic pull that draws investors to startups. At...

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Fund Investments on OurCrowd from an IRA Account

We are pleased to let you know about a new opportunity allowing OurCrowd investors to fund investments through IRA custodial accounts. What is an IRA? An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) gives people based in the United States a way to build tax-deferred savings for retirement. An IRA is an account, not an investment. You can put just about whatever investments you want into your IRA — stocks, CDs, mutual funds, cash and bonds — anything except options and other derivatives. There are two types of IRA, both accepted by OurCrowd – Traditional IRA and Roth IRA. In a traditional IRA contributions are tax-deductible, with all transactions and earnings within the IRA having no tax impact, and withdrawals at retirement are taxed as income (except for those portions of the withdrawal corresponding to contributions that were not deducted). Depending upon the nature of the contribution, a traditional IRA may be referred to as a “deductible IRA” or a “non-deductible IRA.” It was introduced with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and made popular with the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981. In a Roth IRA, contributions are made with...

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Gone Global: Why did Israel emerge as a world-leading startup ecosystem?

Much has been written about Israel’s emergence as one of the leading startup ecosystems in the world, but less effort has been made to truly understand why the Startup Nation has achieved this global recognition and level of success. Some of our favorite explanations for what makes Israel a thriving launch pad of technological innovation include: a pervasive pioneering ethos; in a way, Israel itself is a ‘startup’ among hi tech countries large immigrant populations with international networks and experience an informal culture and social structure hutzpah – you know it when you see it a tolerance for high-risk startup founders are cultural icons and role models small geographic area allows for leveraging tight-knit, interconnected networks the military provides training in leadership, teamwork and exposure to cutting-edge technologies Each of these reasons are worth exploring in their own right, but the reason for Israel’s success we want to focus on here is the idea that Israeli startups go global from day one. With a population of only 8 million people spanning 8,000 sq. miles, the country presents a very small domestic business opportunity for most...

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