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Growing Innovation with OurCrowd’s GreenTech Portfolio [Infographic]

As awareness and concern grow about the impacts of global environmental issues, both individuals and companies are demanding transparency and smarter solutions for everything from energy use management to food supply and agriculture. GreenTech startups have been at the forefront of innovation and creativity, finding new ways to leverage technology to help solve environmental problems and protect our planet. Furthermore, the innovation in this field is attracting the attention of venture capitalists and tech industry leaders who recognize the enormous opportunities for investment and growth. OurCrowd itself has history and experience with investing in and growing GreenTech companies, and has recently announced the launch of Radicle, an accelerator fund dedicated to growing early stage agricultural technology startups into proven industry leaders. As we continue to build, grow, and invest in sustainable technologies, we’re pleased to share the following infographic capturing the scope of some of the amazing GreenTech companies in OurCrowd’s portfolio. See the growth potential of this infographic? Pass it forward and share it with your friends! To find out more about GreenTech and investment opportunities on our platform, contact our Investor Relations team or visit our...

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The million-dollar question: What kind of angel investor are you?

As an angel investor, you already likely know (or soon will) that there is a long list of young technology companies and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, ready to pitch to you in the hopes of securing an investment. For example: OurCrowd screens at least 200 companies a month before we choose who to meet, and of those, the 2-4% to invest in and present to our accredited investor community. In addition, we have our own set of criteria for who and what we’ll offer as investment opportunities. So… how do you identify investments? How do you choose which company’s deck to review, which CEO to meet with? Most likely, as an angel investor, you fit a certain type. Knowing what drives you to invest in a particular startup may help you consolidate the time and energy that goes into your investing strategy. Stage Most angel investors are interested in seed or early-stage companies. Certainly, growth-oriented companies are the ones in most need of angel funding, as VCs typically invest when a company already shows long-term growth potential. But if you are an investor...

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Outsmarting diabetes: Q&A with a digital health expert on the future of prevention

Everything starts with people and ends with people. […] And in order to really touch people, you have to understand how to translate healthcare IT platforms and apps into something that is encouragable. Something that touches people’s emotion.” — Dr. Yossi Bahagon, Sweetch Dr. Yossi Bahagon, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Sweetch, OurCrowd’s latest investment opportunity, is setting out to predict and prevent diabetes. Sweetch, a smartphone platform, leverages a unique diabetes prediction engine to produce a dynamic risk-meter, which interfaces with a custom, automated coaching regimen to guide users toward lowering their risk of developing diabetes in compliance with the “Diabetes Prevention Program” (DPP). A clinically active family physician, entrepreneur, and worldwide key opinion leader on e-Health, m-Health, and Tele-Care, Dr. Bahagon founded Clalit Health Services Digital Health Division, the largest Health Maintenance Organization in Israel and one of the largest e-Health platforms in the world. SEE ALSO: Anatomy of OurCrowd’s Innovative MedTech Portfolio [Infographic] OurCrowd’s Audrey Jacobs recently interviewed Yossi Bahagon about Sweetch and the digital health sector, discussing some of Yossi’s background and how that impacts where Sweetch is headed. Outsmarting diabetes: Q&A...

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The road already traveled: Why invest in startup follow-on rounds?

Today, access to quality investment opportunities are no longer a luxury reserved for the well-connected. Everything from startups to real estate development projects are now available to the masses for investment. This access has garnered lots of attention from prominent investment thought leaders. One of the biggest issues they’re grappling with is how to educate the public to make sure they are investing responsibly in these new, often risky asset classes. In this post, we’re going to talk about what Brad Feld refers to as a new, official trend in the world of venture capital. The Opportunity What’s this new trend we speak of? In January 2011, Union Square Ventures launched their first “Opportunity Fund.” The fund was formed to invest exclusively in USV portfolio companies raising follow-on rounds of investment. This investment strategy was born out of the realization that a majority of returns in a fund are generated by a small number of the portfolio companies. Fred Wilson, USV’s founder and managing partner described the rationale behind launching the fund in 4 basic points: “This fund is meant to...

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Introducing OurCrowd Continuity Fund (OC²): A new investment offering

OurCrowd is proud to announce the launch of its OurCrowd Continuity Fund (OC2), a special opportunities fund devised to take advantage of preemptive rights in select follow-on rounds for portfolio companies. OC2 has an automated investing process, only investing in follow-on, up-rounds led by top venture capital and strategic investors. The dynamics of startup growth and venture investing is such that preemptive rights are a critically valuable asset for being able to invest in breakout stars, and OC2 is structured to give its investors first access to unexercised preemptive rights. Four reasons why we’re excited about launching OC2 Access to otherwise limited opportunities: As an investor, one of your most valuable assets is gaining a seat at the table to invest in the follow-on rounds of your companies that emerge to be the biggest winners. Pro rata rights are not about downside protection, they are about guaranteeing you the right not to be crowded out of highly competitive future financing rounds for your companies. OC2 is opportunistically leveraging OurCrowd’s pro rata rights across its 90+ portfolio companies to gain access to...

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