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Finding the next Waze: an insider view of startup investing and due diligence

Yesterday, we held the 1st installment of the OurCrowd Bootcamp series. This series of in-depth webinars is intended to give investors new to startup investing — as well as seasoned angel investors — a look into best practices. Be on the lookout for more webinars in our bootcamp series (for investors in Israeli startups). To stay updated on future events and the best news from the Startup Nation, sign up for our newsletter (see the right sidebar), email us, and follow us on social media. To contact David Stark, follow him on Twitter / Linkedin To contact Zack Miller, follow him on Twitter / Linkedin     View the FULL program   View/Download the deck Finding the Next Waze:An insider view of startup investing and due diligence by OurCrowd       OurCrowd Customer Surveys The OurCrowd Customer Survey by OurCrowd       Company scorecard The OurCrowd Company Scorecard: 6 point checklist to identify top Israeli startups by OurCrowd     More resources Term Sheets Term Sheet Calculator: Founder’s Fund Transparent Termsheet uses a simple calculator and has a plain...

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What Israeli entrepreneurs are working on now

After opening our doors last fall, we’ve gotten to know so many of you: thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and partners. Particularly, we’re seeing an incredible number of really high-quality startups. A huge percentage of these are companies founded by serial entrepreneurs with differentiated technologies and real tractions (with serious users, customers, revenues, etc.). An incredibly high number fit our investment methodology and criteria. I thought it would be interesting to break down what our deal flow looks like (thanks to our resident geniuses, David S, David C, and Jeremy for pulling this data). What Israeli entrepreneurs are working on now So far, OurCrowd has seen: Total deals 175 deals since Jan 1, 2013 (100+ deals per month)  350 deals (received actual materials) since Nov 1, 2012 Maturity of deal flow deal flow has ranged from seed investments to Series C, with sweetspot in the Series A range Internationality of deals while the vast majority of our deal flow comes from Israel, we have looked at deals from 9 countries Sector breakdown of deals  We’re seeing the most activity in...

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OurCrowd’s Jon Medved reveals secrets of Startup Nation at Yeshiva University

OurCrowd’s founder and CEO, Jon Medved recently appeared on a panel hosted at Yeshiva University. At an October 24 event presented by Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business titled Understanding Israeli Entrepreneurial Success, Jon addressed the cultural aspects that have made Israel such a compelling destination for investors over the past decade: [bra_blockquote align=””]We say, ‘Support Israel because of shared values, support Israel because we’re a democracy, support Israel because it makes military sense, we have shared enemies. But now Israel is coming to the rescue just as the U.S. needs new jobs and new economic ideas, and companies are finding their innovation and next steps in Israel.[/bra_blockquote] Jon also discussed the relative “safety” the Israeli stockmarket has provided investors recently.  He shared the dais with Nadav Kidron, CEO at Israeli biotech firm, Oramed, as well as with J.J. Sussman, a YU grad who’s been an important player in Israeli high tech over the past decade. [bra_blockquote align=”right”]’Safe’ is not a word you normally associate with Israel, but if you look at the results, we’ve had over 160 percent total...

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