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3 Due Diligence Lessons the Small Investor Can Learn from the “Big Guys”

This guest post was written by Rafi Musher, founder and CEO of global strategy consulting firm Stax Inc. and its business-incubator affiliate Stax Development Corporation (DevCorp). He is also founder of Israel and Co., a non-profit that brings current and future business leaders to Israel to get a firsthand, working knowledge of Israeli innovation. When backing a startup, early-stage or fast-growth company, you certainly want to get smart about the capabilities of the management team and general trends in the industry. Once you have that nailed, it’s time to talk tachles, or practical details in Modern Hebrew. At Stax, due diligence is our bread and butter. In 20 years of helping corporations and private equity firms—including more than a dozen of the top 25 LBO firms in the world—make significant investment decisions, we’ve seen that the most important element for commercial due diligence is getting to the the customer. Lesson #1: Is The Company Solving A Real Problem? What is the need this product or service is trying to address? If you’re looking at a technology company, which is...

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100 of the Most Influential Thought Leaders in Crowdfunding Today

When researching the emerging crowdfunding industry, we discovered a number of individuals providing remarkable insights into the new market structures, rules, players and opportunities.  Using innovative ideas and approaches, these thought leaders have created a road map for investors and entrepreneurs who want to better understand and participate in this revolutionary form of innovation finance. At OurCrowd, we are deeply committed to identifying and delivering exceptional opportunities for accredited investors to invest in leading early stage companies alongside experienced investors. By listening to and following these thought leaders, our knowledge of the rapidly changing landscape continues to grow and inform our unique crowdfunding model. Working with influencer relations agency Evolve Inc., we selected and carefully vetted 800 of the most knowledgeable, most influential and most social thought leaders in crowdfunding today, including industry insiders, regulators and politicians, journalists, platform vendors, angel investors, entrepreneurs, artists and industry analysts. Evolve used a broad range of influencer discovery and engagement tools to identify thought leaders, including Traackr, Little Bird, Group High and Google.  The list was scored using a proprietary formula designed to quantify...

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The Startup Ecosystem: A Fishy Look at Predator vs. Prey [Infographic]

There’s no denying that when it comes to startups, it’s a dog eat dog world… or is that a fish eat fish ocean? Whether you’re  a young startup hiring employees, raising venture capital or an angel investor looking to invest in the next Facebook, it’s tough navigating the murky and danger-filled waters of the startup world. This funny ocean themed infographic looks at the delicate balance between predators and prey in the startup ecosystem, and helps you figure out how to balance all of the key players in the industry. So without further ado, dive in and get your sea legs...

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Why are investors excited about cyber security startups — again?

“The cyber security market is in a Renaissance” Israel is known by most people as the Startup Nation, thanks to the its startup companies and numerous success stories. However, over the years Israel has also come to be known as a Cyber Nation.  Given its own experiences and geography, Israel has become a leader in the cybersecurity field and is uniquely positioned for cyber challenges. The government, VC’s and angel investors are now more than ever investing in and promoting the cyber security market in Israel. But, why are investors excited about cyber security startups? Ron Moritz, one of OurCrowd’s mentors, gave a keynote address at OWASP Israel at the IDC (400+ attendees) about investing in startup cyber security companies, addressing the recent surge in the market’s popularity among investors and highlights which products and services for the cyber security market are hot right now. View his presentation below: Why Are Investors Excited About Cyber Security Startups, Again? from...

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