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Who invests in Israel?

Investing is Israel has become more popular ever since Warren Buffett, the world’s most prominent investor, started investing in Israel. Buffett is known not to invest on foreign countries, but he too sees the promise in Israel. In May of 2006, Buffett bought Iscar, an Israeli metalworking company, for $4 billion. This marked the most Buffett ever paid for a foreign investment. In fact, this was Berkshire Heathway’s first ever purchase of a non-American company. Since that investment, Buffett has called Israel the best place to invest and has said “We’re interested in more investments in Israel.” Here are some other notable investments by American businesses: Stanley Black & Decker’s CEO John F. Lundgren bought AeroScout, an Israeli company that created chips to track objects over the internet, for $240 million Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg bought Face.com, facial recognition software, for $60 million. Zuckerberg also bought Snaptu, an Israeli internet design company, for $70 Million IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty invested in Worklight, an Israeli IT and Enterprise Software company, for $95 million Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer invested an R&D center...

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Does conflict halt Israel’s growth?

In the book, “Start-Up Nation,” there is an entire chapter talking about the Israeli mindset; how terrorism and war never affects work ethic. Intel has a few D&P centers in Israel. During a rain of rockets fired near one of the centers during the Second Intifada, the Israeli workers continued work as normal, stopping only to seek shelter from the rockets. The book considers this as part of the reason why Intel is so successful, being that Israel has a huge percentage of the company’s profits. In 2005, Intel Israel exported $1.2 billion, over 14 percent of Israel’s sum total of exports. The Israeli workplace was never closed. That is the essence of the Israeli work ethic. It is a common misconception that war halts this country’s GDP. Israel has seen tremendous growth in its GDP since the last war, and is growing exponentially. The last time I saw a chart with this kind of growth was my weight gain since 8th grade.  Notice that in 2012, with a GDP growth of $25 billion dollars, Israel was hit...

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