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[Intuition Robotics in TechCrunch] The ElliQ eldercare robot is finally available

The astute TechCrunch reader will quickly note that we’ve been covering Intuition Robotics for five years now, dating back to the eldercare robotics’ crowdfunding campaign way back in February 2017. Most of the coverage since then has found the Israeli company raising even more money across various rounds, without actually answering the most important question: when? Specifically, when is the ElliQ robot going on sale? Read...

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[Intuition Robotics in Pennsylvania News Today] Whitehorse Village launches personal companion program

White Horse Village in Edgmont Township, Delaware County, has launched a personal care program for residents using ElliQ. It is the first empathic care companion robot designed to help older people live a healthy, engaged and connected life at home, reducing loneliness and social impact. isolation. Intuition Robotics, the creator of ElliQ, chose Whitehorse Village to participate in an important pilot program because of the community’s positive and tech-incorporated reputation. Residents participating in the trial will receive free ElliQ and access to wellness coach and concierge services. Read...

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[Intuition Robotics in JumpStart] How technology helps the elderly

As we continue to see more and more advancements in technology, it has become much easier for people to age without suddenly losing their independence. As of 2019, the global average life expectancy has become over 70 years, nearly doubling from what it was in the 1900s. With rising life expectancy, it has become integral to focus on how to better the lives of the elderly population. Read...

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[Intuition Robotics in Industry WIred] Top 7 Startups that are Producing Virtual Assistant Applications

Virtual assistant technology has become a vital aspect to promote efficient business organizations. As technology developed, the virtual assistant industry also boomed. A virtual assistant provides a business or an entrepreneur with a flexible and cost-effective service. It is becoming increasingly evident that there has been an exponential rise in the use of virtual assistants in 2021. More and more people are conducting their transactions online due to the governments’ mandated restrictions on going outside and the fear of getting infected with the virus. Apart from conducting business online, businesses can deploy virtual assistants for book-keeping purposes, performing credit checks, and more. VAs range from simple to complex, and emerging are working towards making these applications more intelligent. In this article, we have listed the top startups that are working towards producing intelligent virtual assistant applications. Read...

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