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[Intuition Robotics in Wired] Companion robots are here. Just don’t fall in love with them.

ElliQ works in concert with a tablet to both relay information and express it. If one of your relatives uploads a photo to Facebook, ElliQ will bring it up on the tablet, then turn toward the screen while speaking, in a way gesturing without hands. “We found that the separation between the content on the screen and the entity allows us to do a lot of interactions,” says Dor Skuler, CEO of Intuition Robotics, which developed ElliQ. “We also looked for an aesthetic which (a) we think is beautiful and (b) we think is not intimidating and allows us to earn a right at the home.” Read more on Wired...

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[Intuition Robotics in Forbes] New Tech Could Help Lonely And Isolated Elders

Dor Skuler, CEO of Intuition Robotics, the Israeli company behind ElliQ, said he and his two co-founders are all in their 40s, with aging parents. “We were looking to impact their lives,” he said. “We asked the experts, ‘What’s the largest underserved problem?’ It was loneliness and isolation. And the root cause was the digital divide.” Read more on Forbes...

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[Intuition Robotics in CNN] Can robots solve Grandma’s loneliness?

Intuition Robotics, an Israel-based startup that makes robots, announced Tuesday it raised $14 million from investors, including Toyota Research Institute, which invests in autonomous vehicles and home robots. The funding will go toward developing a social companion robot, ElliQ. Toyota and IBM are two of the biggest tech companies researching how technology can aid older generations. Read more on CNN...

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