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How are you celebrating #NationalInternDay?

There’s nothing like your first time – interning. All filing and data entry jokes aside, the student internship should be an incredible discovery process; when done right, students return to campus or head towards graduation with a lot more tangible experience in their expected field and are able to relate to the expectations of the professional world they’ll enter soon. Internships mean something – as long as we, the employers, take them seriously and make them meaningful. On that note, we at OurCrowd are excited to be celebrating National Intern Day today. Started in 2017 by WayUp, the national intern ‘holiday’ encourages employers to celebrate, empower and recognize the interns that spend their time learning while fueling our workplaces. According to WayUp – a platform that empowers early career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers (and an OurCrowd portfolio company) – “interns are key contributors to organizations across the nation. It’s important that their hard work and dedication is recognized.” We couldn’t agree more. Take 2 minutes to watch what our fabulous Summer 2018 interns have accomplished so far – with our...

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From Beijing to Jerusalem: Why I chose an internship in Israel

There’s a Chinese saying that goes, “行千里路,胜读万卷书。” (“Traveling a thousand miles trumps reading ten thousand scrolls.”) I’m happy to say I’ve fulfilled the first part of the saying by travelling 7,125 kilometers to Jerusalem, Israel for my internship at OurCrowd. Who am I? My name is Amy Sheng. I’m originally from Beijing, China, but I currently reside in New Haven, Connecticut, where I am a rising sophomore at Yale University. I devoted most of my freshman year to a year-long Humanities program called Directed Studies. I haven’t yet declared a major, but I’m considering a double major in Math & Philosophy and Computer Science. I’ve been a globe-trotter since I was young, moving from China to the US at the tender age of 5, then bouncing up and down the Eastern seaboard each year, returning to China at the age of 10, attending a youth conference in Norway, then making my way back to the States for college. My newest destination? Jerusalem, Israel. Why Israel? To explain how I made my way to Israel’s startup scene, I have to...

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