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My summer internship with OurCrowd: What I learned from my first 3 weeks

Writing a blog entry the week following Google’s acquisition of Waze, one of the largest high-tech acquisitions in Israel’s history, reaffirms why I decided to spend my summer internship working at OurCrowd.  You may have already read about my fellow interns’ collective experiences and personal stories (Amy Sheng & Nikolaus Lawitschka).  My name is Andrew Hammer, and my path to OurCrowd’s summer internship diverges from that of my peers. The lure of Israel I grew up in a New York suburb and, from a young age, was instilled with a strong sense of Zionism and Jewish pride.  After graduating high school, I spent a year and a half studying in Jerusalem.  The non-Israeli students hailed from all parts of North America and Europe.  But even as self-centered 18-year olds, we were mesmerized by our Israeli classmates.  What is it like to have friends who divide their time between studies and army service?  How does it feel to share a meal with a table full of students each of whom are being shipped off to different army units?  While in school,...

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Why business students are choosing internships in Israel: My story

Start-up Nation. Economic miracle. Highest density of start-ups. Innovation. Creativity. Culture. Mentality. This is probably the shortest summary I have given to answer the question “What am I doing here?” I came to Jerusalem to do a 2-month internship in the high-tech scene for OurCrowd. Who am I? My name is Nikolaus (Nick) (personal website) , I am 18 years old, from Austria and currently pursuing my Bachelor in Business Administration at IE University in Madrid. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and this interest has shifted more to startups in the tech scene. Over the last year, friends, advisors and counselors have told me that after the first year of university it will be near impossible to get an internship with a large and well-known company. In the case that I do get accepted my main tasks would be limited to delivering the best coffee to my superior and highly intellectual photocopying of paper work. Although this may be an exaggeration of the actual situation, I have always been sure that I want to end up in...

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