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[Unispectral in PR Newswire] Bodkin Design & Engineering to demonstrate the Monarch II low-cost multispectral camera at SPIE Photonics West

BOSTON, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bodkin Design & Engineering is introducing the Monarch II, a low-cost multispectral camera, to the American Market. Unispectral’s Monarch II is the newest and most affordable multispectral option available. Weighing only 30 grams, it can be operated from a smartphone or PC. Suitable for a variety of applications including agriculture, medical, food sorting, and industrial inspection. This sensor is the perfect addition for organizations looking for an embedded spectral solution. Read...

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[Unispectral in EE Times Europe] Unispectral democratizes hyperspectral imaging

Cameras are critical components of the drive to enable the autonomy and increase the safety of vehicles, drones, and robots. Near-infrared (NIR) cameras are rapidly enhancing machine-vision capabilities and are essential to a range of inspection applications. Israeli startup Unispectral says it has developed a solution that includes a miniature tunable NIR filter and image-processing software to turn any low-cost IR camera into a hyperspectral camera. Read...

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[Unispectral in Novus Light] Unispectral Implements Industrial 3D Printing Solution to Produce Critical Parts

Unispectral’s products add a biometric layer to authentication camera systems, improves facial authentication, enables camera-based material detection and spectrum-based image segmentation and object classification, identifies bank notes and documentation, captures unseen to standard cameras defects in products, coated, electronic and optical parts, detects vital signs for remote medical, and diagnoses plants stress in the field. With unprecedented cost reduction over other spectral cameras, Unispectral is removing the barrier for new mass market adoption of low cost, miniature spectral IR camera. Read...

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[Unispectral in 3D Printing Media Network] Unispectral using micro 3D printing to mass produce NIR filter adapters

Unispectral, an Israeli Samsung-backed company, is an important player in the IR inspection market, producing miniature tunable Near Infrared (NIR) filters for camera systems to give them biometric authentication capabilities. Unispectral’s technology is used for many applications, including camera-based material detection, object classification, bank note and documentation identification, product defect identification, facial authentication and more. In addition to its NIR filter capabilities, part of Unispectral’s success in the market is that its products are on the lower end of the cost spectrum, thanks in part to its use of additive manufacturing. Read...

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