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[Intendu in Forbes] The Therapy Gap – Startup Offers Hope For Brain Impaired Patients

Much has been written and said about the impact of new technologies – particularly A.I. and robotics – on the labor market of the near future. Just as industrial robots replaced workers on production lines in the sixties, seventies and eighties, a new generation of low cost machines will be undertaking tasks as a diverse as farm laboring and looking after patients in care homes. Equally, the rapid development of artificial intelligence could remove a whole tier once unassailable jobs in professions such as accountancy and law. Read more on Forbes...

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Let it get to your head: In 2017, Israel’s on the brain tech scene

After decades of being at the forefront of life sciences, specifically in medical technology innovation, Israel is now leading the way in another area of health care and advancement: brain science. Already well known for research and developments in the areas of robotics, optics, immunology, pharma, early disease detection, and surgery, Israeli start-ups are now making significant strides in neurology. 2015, in fact, saw the launch of Israel’s first braintech accelerator, Brainnovations, operating out of Tel Aviv. Disruptions in the detection and treatment of brain-related disease and functionality are sorely needed, and companies around the world are emerging with solutions related to Alzheimer’s, Stem Cell Therapy, central nervous system diseases, psychiatric disorders and more. We’re excited about what we’re seeing in Israeli brain innovation, in particular. Here are a few companies developing solutions that address significant neurological issues: ElMindA was founded in 2006 with the vision of revolutionizing the management of brain disorders and injuries. They’ve developed the world’s first FDA-cleared neuronal functional assessment tool. EIMindA’s solution uniquely measures how different parts of the brain communicate by uploading measured...

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