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What to wear? Here are 6 fitness wearable technologies to up your game

Surely you’ve heard of Google Glass, Apple’s Smart Watch and of course, the Fitbit; there are lots of fitness wearables and it’s hard to keep up. What was once reserved for only pro athletes and tech bloggers is now available to the exercising masses. As technology goes more mainstream, so do wearables with over 70 million devices sold in 2014 alone. Here are 6 top fitness wearables that aim to up your game and be as vital to your daily existence as your smartphone: 1. Moov Can’t afford a personal trainer? No problem. The $69 Moov wearable may be the answer to your problems. Stay on track with this all-in-one device that acts as a personal fitness coach, whenever, wherever. Its disc-like shape easily attaches to almost anything, and allows for the accompanying apps to record your every move in real-time. Apart from the standard tracking features: calories burned, steps taken, speed, distance, and time, Moov precisely measures your movements, form, cadence, landing impact, stride, and intensity with surprising accuracy. This sleek, crowd-funded device (which by the way, raised over...

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67 innovative startups to celebrate Israel’s 67th anniversary

Today, Israel celebrates 67 years of the Startup Nation. People around the world are paying attention as this story continues to unfold – a startup country with a startup mentality, creating amazing innovation across all ‘sectors’ of life. And today, OurCrowd also announces the launch of our 67th investment! In just two short years, OurCrowd has established itself as a major force in startup investing, with more than $110M invested from its community of thousands of accredited investors from around the world. OurCrowd’s companies span major investment sectors – and even continents –  and include innovation in the Internet of Things, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Medtech, Agritech, Big Data, and Robotics. So, without further ado, here are OurCrowd’s 67 investments and portfolio companies: Consumer Hardware/Internet of Things BT9 – IoT for supply chain management. Clipfort – Securing firearms with biometric authentication. Consumer Physics – Makers of Scio, the molecular scanner that has been hailed as “Google for matter,” with a top ten Kickstarter campaign. Corephotonics – A compact camera design house with computational photography expertise. Stringify – Unifying platform for the Internet of Everything. MUV Interactive – Making any surface a...

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