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In the News: Your weekly roundup from the desk of Jon Medved

Are you with us this week at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco? Meet OurCrowd’s medical portfolio, including 16 startups creating revolutionary solutions in areas including cancer treatment, blood testing, wound care, diabetes management, medical cannabis, care for older adults, and more. Schedule a meeting. Venture capital has been perhaps the best performing asset class over the last 25 years. The problem is that most people can’t access it… So where do people go to actually get into this VC bonanza? The answer is, they come here to OurCrowd, where we invite the investor to not just invest with us in the company but to help *grow* the company… Come see it in person at the 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit on February 13th and meet thousands of your colleagues, and see hundreds of startups. Looking forward to seeing you there… Startup Nation and beyond So proud of this spectacular OurCrowd portfolio company bringing high performance free weather data to India together with Google…Google and ClimaCell team up to launch a new high-resolution weather forecast for India.  Another...

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In the News: Big news from 3 brilliant startups

Congrats to Hailo on the launch of Hailo-8, their deep learning processor for edge devices. MultiVu raised a $7M seed round for its next-gen 3D sensor, led by OurCrowd, Cardumen Capital and Hong Kong-based Junson Capital. In other big news, Zebra Medical Vision received FDA approval for the world’s first AI chest X-ray triage product.  Startup Nation and beyond Including insights from myself and others: India & Israel – The New Tech Frontiers. Check out Venture Capital Journal: OurCrowd, Israel’s most active investor, blends VC and crowdfunding model.  With a second WannaCry looming, more than half of industrial sites are vulnerable. How do we avoid it? See it in Forbes. Top tech news this week Agriculture…Machine vision is the newest weapon against crop loss, featuring Taranis. Healthcare…Surgical Theater Wows at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Enterprise Software…Nike Unveils ‘A Game-Changing Innovation’: A Fit Feature To Fix Shoe Sizing Online And In-Store, featuring Invertex. News from the Industry  The world’s aging population is larger than ever before and growing. Can the ailments of old age become a thing of the past due to the rise of groundbreaking technology? New Tech Tackles Old Age:...

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Looking to Asia: The state of India’s startup ecosystem

If you follow tech news, you know that this year many in the industry are betting on India. The country is no longer synonymous with outsourcing and R&D, but with entrepreneurship, especially out of Bangalore, a city that boasts more than 1700 startups according to AngelList. Private equity, VCs, and hedge funds are all laser-focused on what’s now considered the third largest technology startup ecosystem in the world. But why India? Thanks to a booming population with a burgeoning middle class, domestic consumerism is on the rise. India’s young talent  — optimistic, resourceful and motivated, some even dropping out of business school to start their own companies — account for many of the new tech startups sprouting up in the last seven years. While India’s startup scene may be flourishing and evolving, however, it isn’t new. In Harvard Business Review, serial entrepreneur and global virtual incubator founder Sramana Mitra, says India has “done well in the last twenty odd years to build its technology industry through services. Today we’re seeing a maturing of the industry.” From the commercialization of...

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