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In the News: Israeli tech provides key sensor technology for NASA Solar Probe

Latest news from Startup Nation: Israeli tech provides key sensor technology for the NASA Solar Probe. Read on for more, including how Toyota is using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robots, and to find out the theme for this year’s OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.   Startup Nation and beyond It should not come as a surprise that Israel is providing key sensor technology for the NASA Solar Probe. Israel has world-leading vision and imaging technology, that power applications as diverse as autonomous driving (Mobileye), chip inspection (Orbotech), airborne agricultural imaging (Taranis), and next-generation spectrometry (Consumer Physics). GDPR compliance in days instead of months? Cognigo says it can help companies accomplish this. Congratulations to Cognigo on its $8.5M raise, led by OurCrowd. “When you look at where Toyota, the Japanese industry giant, has recently invested, it’s clear the company is preparing to remain relevant and competitive in the 4th industrial revolution as a result of its investments and innovation in artificial intelligence, big data and robots.” The Amazing Ways Toyota Is Using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robots. Read this to understand why the world of...

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How do you profit by improving the world?

Last week, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania hosted its inaugural Wharton Israel Conference, bringing together expert panelists from multiple industries to discuss the conference mission: accelerating innovation for global social impact. The conference covered a wide variety of industries, from food and water to energy, security, health care, and communications. Among the featured companies and people leveraging innovation from Israel to improve the world were several of OurCrowd’s portfolio companies, including: CropX (Food & Water); BioCatch, BreifCam, and eVigilo (Security); ElMindA, HIL, ReWalk, PulmOne, SightDx, Surgical Theater, and Syqe (Health Care); and OurCrowd itself (Finance). Andrew Heyer, CEO and Managing Director of Mistral Equity Partners, and OurCrowd Founder & CEO, Jon Medved, spoke at the event about finance innovation, improving the world, and combining venture capital protections with the power and accessibility of crowdfunding to promote the best Israeli innovation. In the following video, Jon Medved addresses the state of the Startup Nation leading up to the Wharton Israel Conference: State of Startup Nation: OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved addresses Wharton Israel Conference OurCrowd & Wharton: Collaborating for impact...

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Doing Well While Doing Good: Impact investing in the Startup Nation

Everyone dreams of making a difference in the world, but how many people have the means to do so? The rising trend of Impact Investing makes that worthy aspiration a very promising reality. By investing in companies offering products and services geared towards global impact, this niche sector combines social responsibility with financial returns. It’s Good to Invest in Good A Financial Times survey of 143 big investors indicates overall satisfaction with both financial and social returns on impact investments. Promisingly, these investors expressed intent to raise their investments by 16%. Another measurement of success is the Impact Investing Benchmark, a joint venture between Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). The IIB is a “comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of market rate private equity and venture capital impact investing funds,” which has proven instrumental in indicating the benefits of this field. An analysis of 68 Impact Investment funds between 1998–2010 indicated a 6.9% return to investors, with small funds returning 9.5% and Africa-focused funds returning 9.7%. This benchmark has even outperformed comparative conventional PI funds....

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Impact Investing 101: How to generate social and environmental impact alongside financial return

What is impact investing, anyway? It is becoming increasingly apparent that private enterprise can play an important role in solving critical social and environmental challenges. Investors realize that these companies can have a meaningful impact on the world while delivering financial returns at the same time, enabling investors to “do good while doing well.” This has given rise to a large, growing movement known as impact investing. Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments provide capital to support companies aiming to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Typical sector targets for impact investment are: sustainable agriculture and development, affordable housing, affordable and accessible healthcare, education, microfinance and financial inclusion, and clean technology. My interest in impact investing stems from a variety of personal and professional experiences over the past couple of years. The initial spark was lit when I heard Sir Ronald Cohen speak about the subject around two years ago at an event in Israel (he believes social impact investing will be the...

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OurCrowd & Wharton Launch World’s Largest Student-Run Impact Investing Platform

Earlier today, OurCrowd announced a partnership with the Wharton Social Venture Fund and Locust Walk Impact Partners that will help Wharton students get an unparalleled experiential education in impact investing and bring leading impact investment opportunities to OurCrowd’s crowdfunding platform. The Wharton Social Impact Initiative trains MBA and select Wharton undergraduates to staff the Wharton Social Venture Fund. Working with the firm Locust Walk Impact Partners, these students identify and negotiate terms for compelling impact investment opportunities throughout the world. Through the partnership with OurCrowd, capital for these investments will be raised through a special social impact channel on the OurCrowd platform. This makes Wharton’s offering the largest and most active student-run impact investing program in the world. Look for the first deals to launch on OurCrowd in the second quarter of this year. “Crowdfunding is a perfect way to raise funds for impact investing” – Jon Medved, OurCrowd Founder & CEO OurCrowd has already invested in companies addressing critical global issues, such as physical disabilities, gun safety, food security, malaria containment, disaster preparedness, and more. CEO Jon Medved says “crowdfunding is...

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