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Immigration Innovation: Why Israel has world-class startups

According to a report conducted by the National Foundation for American Policy, 46% of top companies in America backed by venture capital had at least one immigrant founder. In Israeli society, the implication of this statistic resurfaces when looking at the influences of immigration in the startup world. Immigration policy in Israel reflects the positive sentiments towards newcomers and their role in the “Start-Up Nation,” in which players welcome the innovative ideas and talent brought by scientists, engineers, and business professionals. Since Israel’s re-establishment in 1948, Israelis and their descendants immigrated to the Jewish state after facing a long history of displacement, making Israel a nation of immigrants. There are over 70 represented nationalities in the state of Israel. This country’s story of its people’s migration explains part of the innovative culture and the illustrious chutzpah that is the “Startup Nation.” Perceptions of Immigration in Israeli Society Israel has had to focus on more than simply maintaining the strength and progression of its citizens within its surrounding borders; rather, its people were scattered around the world and consequently immigrants are...

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Entrepreneurs Without Borders: Israel Prepares to Issue Startup Visas

Israel and startups are synonymous — the Start-up Nation ranks perennially near the top of top startup ecosystems on a global scale. And now, to solidify its role in producing and nurturing top entrepreneurs, moves are afoot to begin opening up Israel’s borders to a global tech workforce. [View the story “Startup Visas: Israel’s move to become a global startup hub” on...

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