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[Virgin Hyperloop One in Popular Mechanics] Humans Have Taken Their First Trip Inside a Hyperloop

One small trip for humans, one giant leap for Virgin Hyperloop. In a historic first, two passengers embarked on a high-speed hyperloop train on Sunday evening at the Virgin Hyperloop’s 1,640-foot DevLoop test track in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clearly, Virgin Hyperloop was confident in the trial, because the two passengers onboard were Josh Giegel, its chief technology officer and cofounder, and Sara Luchian, the company’s head of passenger experience. Read...

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[Virgin Hyperloop in Dezeen] BIG designs Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center for West Virginia

Virgin Hyperloop is building a centre for testing and certifying its high-speed transportation system in West Virginia, designed by architecture firm BIG. The Hyperloop Certification Center (HCC) facility will include a six-mile-long tube for testing Virgin Hyperloop for mass transportation use. The aim is to achieve safety certification for the new mode of transport – intended to be ultra-fast, with zero direct emissions – by 2025 and for it to be in operation by 2030. Read...

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