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[Highcon in Labels & Labeling] Highcon appoints Americas sales director

Highcon has appointed Ron Kukla as its new sales director for the Americas to promote adoption of the company’s digital cutting and creasing technology in the region. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Kukla has spent the last 19 years at HP Indigo in various sales leadership roles including regional manager, director of strategic accounts and vice president of sales. Prior to joining Indigo in 1997, he worked was at A.B. Dick for 12 years. Read more on Labels &...

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[Highcon in Ynet (hebrew)] The Israeli company that changed the world of printing

בסוף החודש (31 במאי) תיפתח תערוכת “דרופה” (drupa) – תערוכת הדפוס ועולם המדיה, המתקיימת אחת לארבע שנים בדיסלדורף שבגרמניה. מי שבינתיים מסומנת להיות הדבר הבא בתערוכה הנחשבת לגדולה והחשובה בעולם עם ארבע מאות אלף מבקרים ואלפי מציגים היא חברה ישראלית – חברת הייקון (Highcon), שבפיתוח אחד הצליחה לשנות את התהליך האנלוגי של חיתוך וקיפול האריזות שהיה קיים במשך 150 שנה לתהליך דיגיטלי מלא. השוק הבינלאומי בתחום החיתוך והקיפול מוערך כיום בכ-80 מיליארד דולר בשנה ועבור הייקון בפרט ולייצוא הישראלי בכלל מדובר במכרה זהב של ממש. בינתיים נמכרו עשרות מכונות בכל רחבי העולם, ובחודשים האחרונים פיתחה החברה את הדור הבא, אותו היא תציג לראשונה בתערוכה. Read more in...

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What We’re Investing In: Current Investment Opportunities on OurCrowd (November 2014)

Welcome to the latest installment of OurCrowd’s “What We’re Investing In” series. This month we’re featuring three of our existing portfolio companies raising follow-on rounds – but that’s not all. We have a number of new, exciting companies in the pipeline about to launch on the platform, so stay tuned and visit www.ourcrowd.com for more information. VocalZoom – Accurate voice recognition in any environment Walk down the street today and you’ll see people talking to their phones. The multi-billion dollar voice recognition market went mainstream big time with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Voice Search. However, one fundamental problem with all of these technologies is that they have a hard time deciphering speech out of the cacophony of everyday life. VocalZoom has created a proprietary patented` software to address this major pain point in the voice recognition market. Using acoustic and optical sensors, VocalZoom’s technology is able to monitor vibrations from the throat and face of the speaker, filtering out any external signals usually picked up by traditional microphones. VocalZoom’s product can be used in cellphones, personal headsets and automotive...

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Ushering in a New Year of angel investments: Current investments on OurCrowd 12.2013

The ushering in of a New Year traditionally represents the time for reflection, resolution and most importantly, opportunity. As we reflect on this past year, we’ve made it our New Year’s resolution to continue to keep our investors up to date on all of the latest investment opportunities coming out of the booming Israeli startup scene. Here’s a short summary of 3 current investment opportunities on OurCrowd’s platform: Highcon: Future of digital printing/packaging For those investors following what’s happening, Israel has quickly become a global center of innovation in the digital printing industry — creating, developing, and selling technology to all the top players in the field. Addressing the massive packaging industry, OurCrowd portfolio company, Highcon has developed a solution to the labor-intensive, costly, folding carton-packaging production process. Their Euclid machine uses revolutionary digital technology to crease, fold, and cut cartons, instantaneously producing a finished packaging product. OurCrowd is investing alongside digital printing pioneer, Benny Landa, widely known as the “father of digital printing”, and a member of Highcon’s Board of Directors. Highcon’s impressive management also offers over 100...

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OurCrowd Events in December

Meet OurCrowd across the US in December at a series of roadshow events and speaking engagements featuring founder and CEO Jon Medved and the latest additions to OurCrowd’s portfolio companies, Highcon, Surgical Theater, and Abe’s Market. Be sure to RSVP on the links below. Space is limited! About Surgical Theater, Highcon and Abe’s Market: Surgical Theater    Surgical Theater has developed software that combines the science of flight simulation with advanced CT/MRI imaging technology to allow surgeons to perform a 3D “flight simulation” of surgery before and during the actual operation. Its Surgery Rehearsal Platform (SRP) is uniquely positioned as the only commercial, patented and FDA cleared platform for cerebral and spine pre-surgery rehearsal on the market. Abes Market    Abe’s Market is a fast growing e-commerce company focused on the explosive health, wellness, natural, and organic products market. It leverages its growing network of sellers and buyers to bring in new fans and drive growth in a vast market. They focus on quality, hand-test products and developing relationships with their customers. HighCon   Highcon is a company that takes 3-D packaging to the next level, led by the Godfather of Israel’s printing...

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