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[Syqe in The New York Times] Israel, a medical marijuana pioneer, is eager to capitalize

Teva Israel, a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., recently announced a distribution and cooperation agreement with Syqe Medical, a Tel Aviv company that developed an inhaler for administering marijuana in precise doses. The dose can be tailored to each patient like a standard medical treatment, which experts say should reduce or eliminate the objections of reluctant physicians. Read more on the New York Times...

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[Zebra in Business Insider] The 21 coolest tech startups in Israel

Founded in 2014 and backed by the likes of Salesforce billionaire Marc Benioff with $20 million (£16 million), this Tel Aviv-based company says it has taught an algorithm to identify early signs of breast cancer with the help of thousands of previous mammograms. That constantly improving algorithm — trained using a technique known as machine learning, which is a type of AI that equips computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed — is now better than radiologists using the best computer aided detection (CAD) methods for mammography, the company claims. Read more on Business Insider...

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[Syqe in The Times of Israel] An Israeli’s quest to mainstream medical marijuana

For Perry Davidson the recent deal signed with pharmaceutical giant Teva to distribute his medical marijuana inhaler is the culmination of his decade-long goal to mainstream medical cannabis treatments. “I wanted to get rid of the ‘bad boy’ reputation that marijuana has,” Davidson, an Israeli medical marijuana activist who became CEO of medical startup Syqe Medical, told Channel 2 on Friday. Read more on The Times of Israel...

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[Syqe in Globes] Israeli cannabis inhaler company Syqe targets US

Syqe’s CEO has told “Bloomberg” that the company expects approval in other countries with the US “the obvious target.” Earlier this week, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: TEVA; TASE: TEVA) announced that it had signed a cooperation and marketing agreement with the Israeli company Syqe Medical to market the world’s first cannabis inhaler. Teva will start distributing the inhaler for pain treatment in Israel in 2017 and Syqe’s CEO Perry Davidson has told “Bloomberg” that it is seeking approval in other countries. “Israel is clearly just the start,” he said. “We expect to be approved for use in other countries in due course. The US, as the biggest medical cannabis market, is an obvious target.” Read more on Globes...

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[Syqe in Bloomberg] Israeli cannabis inhaler may get tested with opium poppy next

The inhaler Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. will start distributing in Israel to treat pain with cannabis next year may get tested for other plants, including the opium poppy, by developer Syqe Medical. Syqe, which manufactures the device, will try loading it with opium and other painkilling substances as well as consider selling it in its current cannabis-dispensing form — the one Teva agreed to market — beyond Israel, according to the Tel Aviv-based company’s founder. Read more on Bloomberg...

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