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[Syqe in Globes] Israeli cannabis inhaler company Syqe targets US

Syqe’s CEO has told “Bloomberg” that the company expects approval in other countries with the US “the obvious target.” Earlier this week, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: TEVA; TASE: TEVA) announced that it had signed a cooperation and marketing agreement with the Israeli company Syqe Medical to market the world’s first cannabis inhaler. Teva will start distributing the inhaler for pain treatment in Israel in 2017 and Syqe’s CEO Perry Davidson has told “Bloomberg” that it is seeking approval in other countries. “Israel is clearly just the start,” he said. “We expect to be approved for use in other countries in due course. The US, as the biggest medical cannabis market, is an obvious target.” Read more on Globes...

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[Syqe in Bloomberg] Israeli cannabis inhaler may get tested with opium poppy next

The inhaler Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. will start distributing in Israel to treat pain with cannabis next year may get tested for other plants, including the opium poppy, by developer Syqe Medical. Syqe, which manufactures the device, will try loading it with opium and other painkilling substances as well as consider selling it in its current cannabis-dispensing form — the one Teva agreed to market — beyond Israel, according to the Tel Aviv-based company’s founder. Read more on Bloomberg...

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[Zebra in Business Wire] Zebra Medical Vision and Clalit health services announce algorithm that can increase osteoporosis detection by 50%

Zebra Medical Vision (https://www.zebra-med.com) and Clalit Health Services are announcing the completion of a software algorithm which uses existing CT data to identify candidates for bone density screening, allowing earlier identification of patients at higher risk of Osteoporotic fractures. The osteoporosis algorithm was developed in collaboration with the Clalit Research Institute and has received wide interest from various healthcare providers around the world. Read more on Business Wire...

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[Syqe in Reuters] Teva Pharm to market medical cannabis inhaler in Israel

Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals has partnered with Tel Aviv-based Syqe Medical to market in Israel medical cannabis for pain management that is administered with an inhaler. The companies said in a statement on Monday that this is the first time the medical cannabis sector has complied with pharmaceutical standards for inhalation, which is the most efficient means for administering the plant. Read more on Reuters...

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