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[Scopio in The Times of Israel] Israel’s Scopio raises $7 million for digital microscopes

Israel’s Scopio Labs, a maker of digital microscopes, has raised $7 million in a seed investment round that includes $2.5 million from OurCrowd, the Jerusalem based crowdfunding VC. Founded in 2015 by Itai Hayut and Erez Na’aman, Scopio developed a digital microscope and software tools that enable researchers to take high resolution scans of their lab slides and share them with other researchers remotely. Read more on The Times of Israel here....

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[Zebra in MobiHealthNews] In-depth: AI in healthcare- where we are now and what’s next

Another promising area is medical imaging. In November, Israel-based Zebra Medical Vision, a machine-learning imaging analytics company, announced the launch of new platform that allows people upload and receive analysis of their medical scans from anywhere with an internet connection. Zebra launched in 2014 with a mission to teach computers to automatically analyze medical images and diagnose various conditions, from bone health to cardiovascular disease. The company has steadily built up an imaging database, which they are combining with deep learning techniques in order to developing algorithms to automatically detect and diagnose medical conditions. Another Israeli company with a similar offering is AiDoc, which just raised $7 million. Read more on MobiHealthNews...

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[MedAware in FiercePharma] MedAware’s script-error tool for docs could help marketers plenty, too, CEO says

Med mix-ups are a dangerous problem–and one Israel’s MedAware is working to address with an intelligent system that calls out would-be prescription errors based on doc-habit data and information from patients’ own medical records. In collecting that info, though, MedAware’s system also picked up key data on prescribing patterns that has the potential to be very valuable to pharma marketers. The company has aggregated millions of prescriptions and full medical records—including blood tests, diagnoses, admissions, outpatient visits and more—to create mathematical models that describe which patients are likely to be prescribed which drugs, and at what point in their condition and treatment, cofounder and CEO Gidi Stein explained in an interview. Read more on FiercePharma...

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[Syqe in CNBC] 10 Israeli high-tech areas making waves

As with many other high-tech fields, Israel’s medical technology advances have come in large part from the defense sector. One company, based in Ohio but started by two Israelis, is Surgical Theater, where two former air force officers use virtual reality flight simulator technology in brain surgery modeling. Other start-ups also are highly interdisciplinary, such as Zebra Medical Vision, which teaches computers to read and diagnose medical imaging, for example x-rays. And, on a high note, Israel is at the forefront when it comes to the technological application of medical marijuana, as in the Syqe inhaler for which the company raised $20 million in 2016, for which it has signed a distribution deal with Israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva. Read more on CNBC...

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