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[H2Pro in Geek Insider] What is H2Pro?

H2Pro is an Israeli green hydrogen startup that is here to add its respective contribution to sustainability. The Israeli firm seeks to bring about cost-effective green hydrogen and help present a cleaner energy solution. This firm, in addition to other startups will be critical as more talks revolve around sustainability and changing the current energy infrastructure. There seems to be more concern around climate change and more solutions. These solutions range from more implementation of solar energy projects, blue hydrogen projects, wind projects, and an increase in interest in nuclear energy projects as well. Read...

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[H2Pro in New Atlas] H2Pro’s dollar-a-kilo green hydrogen: a 20-year leap in clean energy?

Israeli company H2Pro claims its highly efficient water-splitting technology will deliver green hydrogen at less than US$1 per kilogram before 2030. That’s a big deal; it would represent a 60-80 percent drop in green H2 prices, down to a level where it’s cheaper per unit of energy than current retail gasoline prices in the United States. The Hydrogen Council’s current projections don’t expect that kind of price drop until 2050, and even then it’s a best-case scenario. Read...

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