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[Centaur in CB Insights] The Ag Tech market map: 100+ startups powering the future of farming and agribusiness

We used CB Insights data to identify more than 100 private companies in agriculture tech and categorized them into nine main categories. We define ag tech as technology that increases the efficiency of farms, in the form of software, sensors, aerial-based data, internet-based distribution channels (marketplaces), and tools for technology-enabled farming. We only include companies that primarily target the agricultural sector. Read more on CB Insights...

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[Centaur in PCMag] 13 inventive startups making noise at TechCrunch Disrupt

Centaur is a post-harvest Internet of Things (IoT) platform for transporting and tracking crops. The IoT is already making a significant impact in agricultural efficiency, but Centaur extends that data-driven process by equipping shipping containers with sensors and employing analytics to predict for factors such as crop spoilage and infestation controlled through a real-time web dashboard and mobile app. Based in Greece with a sales office in California, Centaur can also recommend sustainability practices, treatment plans, and environmentally friendly procedures for tasks like pest fumigation. Read more on PCMag...

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[CropX in CNBC] 10 Israeli high-tech areas making waves

Drip irrigation may have been around in one form or another since the Chinese wrote about it in the first century, but the system was made viable for modern agriculture by advances in Israel in the 1950s and 60s. Now, half a century later, the emphasis is on high-tech applications for water management and extraction. Two examples are CropX, a start-up that uses sensors to optimize irrigation, and Prospera, an artificial intelligence software company that combines the use of field cameras and machine learning for farm production management. Then there are completely new types of agriculture technology tools exemplified by Taranis, an information gathering and data analysis platform for farmers that can be used on a cell phone or tablet. Read more on CNBC...

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