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[H2Pro in PR Newswire] H2Pro and Sumitomo Corporation to partner on high efficiency production of green hydrogen and green ammonia

CAESAREA, Israel, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Israeli cleantech company H2Pro announces its agreement with Japanese Fortune Global 500 conglomerate Sumitomo Corporation (SC) to partner on a variety of green hydrogen initiatives. H2Pro, which develops the breakthrough 95% efficient E-TAC electrolyzer system, is forming partnerships worldwide with forward-thinking industrial players to integrate green hydrogen into their clean energy transition plans. Under the agreement, SC will integrate H2Pro’s E-TAC electrolyzers at the hundreds of MW scale, primarily for use in green ammonia projects. The agreement between H2Pro and its investor-turned-partner is a critical strategic move for H2Pro to scale its technology. Read more...

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