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Meet the Israeli startups on Google’s list of 2014’s Best Android Apps

With over 1 million apps available on the platform, Google Play is the world’s largest app store. Each year, Google sifts through the multitudinous apps they offer and puts together a list of the best Android apps of 2014. Among the 75 apps the tech giant has highlighted as the ‘best of the best’ this year in their respective categories, four of them were developed by Israeli companies. The strong presence of Israeli apps across the industry’s various lists and rankings over the past few years reflects the continuous growth and advancement of the Startup Nation’s mobile ecosystem. Besides being very useful additions to anyone’s collection, these photo & video editing, finance, and social apps represent the finest of Israeli mobile app innovation. Here is the Made-in-Israel edition of Google Play’s list of the best Android apps of 2014: Money Tracker by BillGuard OurCrowd portfolio company, BillGuard is a personal finance security company harnessing the collective knowledge of millions of consumers to protect everyone from unwanted and unauthorized charges on our credit card bills. BillGuard scans your card activity daily and alerts you to hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions...

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Home is where your startup prospers: How Tel Aviv became a hotbed of startup culture and money

What does it take to create a successful startup ecosystem? Furthermore, what does it take to create a the dynamic and innovative culture, community and possibilities of a startup city? Tel Aviv: Startup Utopia Many have written (and will write) about the Startup Nation’s success in general and the success of its high-tech capital Tel Aviv specifically. Why all the hype? Well, besides the fact that Tel Aviv is the second-most entrepreneurial hotspot after Silicon Valley, it also has the highest density of startups in the world — and the number is constantly growing. Even President Obama once said that “if people want to see the future of the world economy, they should look at Tel Aviv.” But how does Tel Aviv, as a city, maintain its status as a hotbed of startup culture and money? And can other cities around the globe replicate its thriving startup environment? Tel Aviv’s Secret Sauce In an article in Inc. Magazine, contributor Jeremy Shure lists several forward-thinking and innovative initiatives taken by the city that have contributed in the cultivation of its vibrant startup ecosystem. The local government is exceptionally proactive in making the city a...

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Translation Nation: Israel’s translation software and services investment landscape

As the world is getting smaller as technological advances in communication and travel promote globalization – markets and people have become more accessible to one another. The chances of two people from different societies, cultures and countries meeting is pretty high, but the chances of them speaking the same language is not. As a leading startup ecosystem in the world, Israel is a hot destination for travelers in general and business travelers specifically. Moreover, Israel has a huge traveling culture. After completing their army service, Israelis traditionally take a year off to travel the world before starting school and work. Therefore, Israel has been a great source for language based apps, software and services. The Start-up Nation: a modern-day Tower of Babylon The number one most used translation service out there is Google Translate. Earlier this year, the international tech giant announced that it will provide a translation service for apps. Behind Google’s new service stand two Israeli companies, One Hour Translation and Tomedes. According to Reuters, One Hour Translation’s revenue is expected to double annually as businesses (the company already serves half of the Fortune 500) increasingly...

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Innovation knows no age: Shimon Peres takes Google’s streetview for a ride

Yesterday (Monday), Google Tel Aviv hosted a vary special guest, Israeli President Shimon Peres. The international technology giant opened its Tel Aviv offices back in 2006 and earlier this year launched Campus TLV, an innovation hub for Israeli startups. Peres toured the Tel Aviv offices, met with Google Israel’s management team, schmoozed with young Israeli entrepreneurs and checked out a few of the projects developed on the premises. At some point during the tour, typical of his young-at-heart character, the 90-year-old President mounted the Google streetview bike and pedaled around the office. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget his helmet! An advocate for technological progress, Peres is known for his interest in high-tech and support of innovative ventures. Peres takes an active role in promoting and encouraging the growth of Israel’s startup scene. For the past five years, Peres holds the Israeli Presidential Conference – “Facing Tomorrow” – which addresses central issues across various fields that will influence the face of our future. Following the visit, Peres is quoted on his Facebook page saying: The Israeli mind is uninhibited, creative and constantly looking for innovations and...

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Beam Me Up, Scotty! The Next Generation of Transportation Technology

Is it a bird? A plane? Neither, in fact; it’s the Hyperloop, the soon-to-be-released tube-based transportation system and newest brainchild of Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX. Heralded as the “fifth mode of transportation” – the other four being the train, plane, automobile, and boat – the Hyperloop is expected to traverse the approximately 350 miles between San Fransisco and Los Angeles in 30 minutes, which averages to a speed of 700 miles per hour, just shy of the speed of sound. Can this be done? After spurring disruptive innovation in other industries, has Mr. Musk finally gone Hyperloopy? Or, like Ford with the popular automobile and the Wright brothers with the airplane, will this herald the new method of transportation that will forever change the rhythms of our lives? The Hyperloop is just one example of a larger trend towards the next generation of transportation, a shift that will indelibly change our lives. In this post, I would like to discuss 3 areas of  massive change : the Hyperloop personal space flight innovation for automobiles The...

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