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Save the Date: OurCrowd’s Global Investor Summit, January 2016

We are delighted to announce the upcoming OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, scheduled for January 25-26th, 2016, in Jerusalem! OurCrowd will be hosting over 2000 investors from 50 different countries, 100+ entrepreneurs and companies, 100 corporate and venture funds, various managers and leaders to celebrate Israel’s surging tech ecosystem and the transformation of innovation finance by equity crowdfunding. The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit will feature a series of in-depth forums and seminars about tech trends, company building, and investing. For further details about the event and to reserve your seat, apply at summit.ourcrowd.com. This is our second annual summit after last year’s event gathered nearly 1000 attendees from 27 countries and was hailed as the largest tech investing event in Jerusalem’s history. Please mark your calendars and join us for the Summit. We look forward to seeing you in...

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$4 million in 24 hours! And more incredible Startup Nation stories [OurCrowd Newsletter]

What a week in Israel tech and innovation: Investors, VCs, entrepreneurs and others came together from 27 countries for the first-ever Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem. Beyond this unprecedented celebration and education on investing opportunities in the Startup Nation, we present 10 Israeli startups to watch this new year, a biotech company founded to save a boy’s life, the Israeli ‘sci-tech’ schools, and the way Israel plans to turn its Davids into Goliaths for a change. Starting getting this weekly newsletter via email: Subscribe now. OurCrowd sees $4M invested in 24 hours at Global Investor Summit OurCrowd announced that over $4 million had already been invested in the first day of its Global Investor Summit, which brought together nearly 1,000 participants from 27 countries to Jerusalem. The conference opened December 9th with welcoming words by OurCrowd Founder & CEO Jon Medved and Mayor of Jerusalem and former venture capitalist Nir Barkat. Read more about the Summit and sign up for updates on Global Investor Summit 2015. OurCrowd in the News OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved discusses the “beating tech heart” of Israel...

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Israel #1 in Cleantech, a win for Viewbix, a $53 million round for data storage, Person of the Year [OurCrowd Newsletter]

Raise a glass of (clean) water to Israel, which retained it’s position as #1 in Cleantech for another year. In addition, OurCrowd portfolio company Viewbix raised $3 million to bring interactive video players across the web. Learn about Israeli tech’s role in the ninth Nobel Prize for Bell. And the ‘Person of the Year’ award goes to… find out below. Start getting this weekly newsletter via email: Subscribe now. Kaminario ‘stores’ away $53M to take on the flash storage market Israeli solid state drive (SSD) data storage provider Kaminario has raised $53 million. Founded in 2008, Kaminario is currently registered in Newton, Massachusetts, and has its development center in Yokneam, Israel. The company has developed software for managing organizational storage systems based on flash memory. The current round will help accelerate Kaminario’s growth, and expand its sales and marketing setup and its support for the Kaminario K2 flash storage solution. Read up about Kaminario. OurCrowd in the News Spotlight: [OurCrowd Portfolio Company] Viewbix Raises $3M To Wrap Video Ads Inside Interactive Players OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved interviewed on TLV1 Radio...

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Don’t worry – be ‘appy’! Latest news from Startup Nation [OurCrowd Newsletter]

This week in Startup Nation news: yet another new acquisition, Nazareth-born Amal Ayoub is treating cancer with nanoparticles, Q&A with email wizard Shai Geva, the 12 hottest Israeli apps, and the speaker list for the biggest OurCrowd investor conference announced! How about getting these weekly highlights directly to your inbox? Subscribe now. 3D Systems acquires Israeli CAD company Cimatron for $97M Cimatron, an Israeli firm that is one of the world’s largest makers of 3D CAD/CAM software products for manufacturing, is being acquired by US company 3D Systems. Under the deal, 3D Systems will acquire all outstanding shares of Cimatron, paying about $97 million for its new acquisition. Since 1982, Cimatron has grown to be a key player in the industrial design market, serving clients from the aerospace, consumer electronics, toys, medical, optics and telecom, and automotive industries. Read up on the deal. OurCrowd in the News OurCrowd’s portfolio company Webydo featured in CMS Critic OurCrowd’s portfolio company Highcon featured in Packaging South Asia Don’t worry, be “appy”: 12 hot apps from Israel Made-in-Israel mobile applications have radically changed how we...

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Happy Thanksgiving! 6 awesome things we’re thankful for this year

Our American friends around the world celebrate Thanksgiving today: a time for turkey gobbling, pumpkin pie eating and a whole lot of festivities (and family!). Even the team at OurCrowd has reason to celebrate and be thankful for this year. Since 2014 is turning out to be an amazingly successful year, we think it’s a good time to look back at our most recent accomplishments and see how far we’ve come. So, without further ado, here are the 6 awesome things we are thankful for this year: Office expansion: OurCrowd has opened new offices around the world and launched operations in exciting regions. Our new locations include New York, Chicago, Australia, Latin America, and Hong Kong. Over the past year OurCrowd has grown both in size and staff. We have had the pleasure of welcoming new team members who have joined old and newly-opened departments, bringing with them a wealth of experience and talent. Going global: Expanding from the Startup Nation, OurCrowd began the search and the global partnerships to reach further for new innovative investment opportunities. OurCrowd-family celebrations: Over the course of the year OurCrowd’s...

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