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[Future Family in Business Wire] Future Family launches the first family care financial benefit for employers

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Future Family, the leading platform for family-building with flexible financial plans and concierge support services, announced today the launch of its first product for employers. This game-changing benefits program allows employers to offer up to $50,000 of financial support to employees to cover family-building and family care expenses, including out-of-pocket healthcare and family related expenses. Employees also get built-in care navigation and concierge services on-platform. Read more...

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[Future Family in Bloomberg] People struggling to get pregnant are turning to Fintechs to pay for fertility treatments

Victoria Borges and her husband Caio only found out they were carriers of cystic fibrosis after their first son Lucas was diagnosed with the disease at three weeks old. So when the Atlanta-based couple decided to have another child a few years later, they hoped to use in-vitro fertilization to avoid passing on the genetic condition. Read more...

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[Future Family in Business Wire] Future Family announces 0% interest rate financing for fertility treatments

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Future Family, the only fertility finance platform to pair a modern fintech experience with client care and wellness support, announced that it will add a 0% interest rate fertility financing program to its offerings. This first-of-its-kind plan enables prospective parents to pay for high-cost fertility treatments with no additional interest for up to 12 months. This is a game-changing alternative to large upfront payments or high-interest rate credit cards. Future Family is kicking off the program in partnership with CCRM Fertility, the global pioneer in fertility science, research, and treatment. Read more...

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