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How to value a startup

Valuing a startup is hard.  And it’s probably as much an art as it is a science. It’s hard because early stage companies are at the very beginning of their lifecycles. I mean, how do you value a company with little to no revenues that makes promises of being the next Facebook? Why valuing a startup is important The reason this whole discussion even starts is that when a company raises money, it does so at a certain valuation — Company X raised $Y at $Z valuation. If a company grows from scratch to be a $500M company, that’s great for early stage investors but it really matters what valuation the investors put their money in at. In this example, there’s a big difference between putting money in at a $5M valuation vs. a $100M valuation. First, get the lingo down Professionals talk about “pre-” and “post-” money valuations. Pre-money is simply the value of the company at the start of the investment round – before any additional funds have been added. Post-money is the value of the startup...

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$910M raised this week, 12 Israeli startups disrupting disability, meet the teenage CEO [OurCrowd Newsletter]

In just the last week, $910M was raised through acquisitions, including ecommerce giant Amazon’s first foray into Israel. Learn which 12 Israeli startups are inventing tech for the disabled population. Plus, the local high schooler-turned-CEO. Start getting this weekly newsletter via email: Subscribe now Israeli startups raised $910 million last week (Infographic) The Startup Nation can already claim an impressive start in 2015. In just one week, Israeli startups raised $910 million through acquisitions which totaled $770 million, and funding rounds, at $140 million. The largest of these deals, which comprised almost half of the total Israeli acquisitions from last week, was Amazon’s purchase of Annapurna Labs for $370 million, marking Amazon’s first acquisition in Israel. Geektime created a pretty neat infographic to present all the impressive deals: See the infographic. OurCrowd & Portfolio Companies in the News BioCatch featured in E&T Magazine OurCrowd’s Jon Medved in Crowdfund Insider VocalZoom featured in The Economist Highcon featured in Packaging News BillGuard featured in U.S. News Money OurCrowd’s Jon Medved in Shalom Life SoBi featured in Raise The Hammer ReWalk featured in Times Union 12 Israeli technologies changing the lives of the disabled in...

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