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[Freightos in Business Insider] 38 enterprise startups that will boom in 2017, according to VC investors

What it does: An online freight marketplace that includes international freight routing/pricing technology. Why it’s hot: “World’s first B2B marketplace for freight forwarding — result of four years of development to automate one of the largest yet still not ‘disrupted’ industries, the trillion-dollar freight industry. It’s led by serial entrepreneur Zvi Schreiber who has sold previous companies to GE and IBM,” Medved says. Read more on Business Insider...

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[Freightos in CNBC] Low freight rates aid rock bottom Black Friday prices: Data provider

Black Friday this week will feature cut-throat deals, but how can this be profitable for retailers? Rock bottom freight rates are contributing to the offers. A deep slump in shipping volumes spurred by weaker demand for commodities and slower global trade has a silver lining in sending bulk and container rates to record lows, allowing good to be shipped at low costs, according to real-time freight rate database Freightos. Figured pulled from the database by Freightos highlighted a few key products that may fill holiday season shopping baskets at lower costs because of shipping rates, noting for example than a $2,000 Apple MacBook Pro costs $1.50 to import into the U.S. by freighter. Read more on CNBC...

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[Freightos in Forbes] This serial entrepreneur sold companies to IBM and GE. Now, he aims to disrupt $1T shipping business

Zvi Schreiber, a Jerusalem-based entrepreneur, is on his fourth successful startup, an amazing track record when most people are lucky to win with one. Successful entrepreneurs often follow their passions as they found their companies. You have greater insight into something you love — and you’ll enjoy working on it. Read more on Forbes...

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[Freightos in The Wall Street Journal] Freightos Buys Air-Cargo Rival to Boost Online Marketplace

Freightos, looking for an edge in the crowded field of tech-driven shipping startups, is buying a database of air-cargo rates to fill a gap in its new online marketplace. Freightos in July launched a web platform where retailers and manufacturers can compare shipping rates and book cargo transportation, a service the company likens to travel-booking websites. Before the launch, the four-year-old company had focused its resources on ocean and land shipping, but offered fewer options for shippers looking for speedier ways to move their freight. Read more on the Wall Street Journal...

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