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In the News: FDA clearance, Fox News, and the UN Assembly votes with Israel on AgTech

We are incredibly proud of Sight Diagnostics for receiving FDA clearance for its OLO blood analyzer; OLO leverages AI with a revolutionary method to “digitize” blood, allowing patients to receive blood test results within minutes at the point-of-care, and with just a finger-prick. OurCrowd has been very excited about Sight Diagnostics from early on, and we are looking forward to celebrating continued innovation and success together. Over the weekend on Fox Business News, Stifel CEO Ron Kruszewski explained why the investment banking firm partnered with OurCrowd. Watch here. In other news, 147 nations in the UN General Assembly voted in favor of an Israel initiated resolution to help improve access to agtech capabilities for developing countries. This is another reason why we are so glad to back Israeli agtech companies like Consumer Physics, CropX, Taranis, Tevel, and more. Startup Nation and beyond In a recent Mastercard report, Israel was ranked the 4th best country for women entrepreneurs. We are proud of Charlie Javice of Frank and Dr. Gilly Regev of SaNOtize together with our other great women leaders. Meanwhile,...

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OurCrowd’s Jon Medved featured on Fox News: “Is Israel the next Silicon Valley?”

Yesterday, OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved was interviewed by Fox News’ KT McFarland about Israel’s developing tech sector. His company is seen as funding the next generation of Israeli Startups through both equity-based and donation-based crowdfunding. Cooperation with the U.S. is seen as a driving force behind the boost in exports. Medved says he is co-investing with several American companies in the auto and telecommunications industries, among others, on new development projects. In the interview, Jon discussed the Israel tech industry boom, its record year in startup investments, Israeli technology innovations that are changing the lives of many worldwide, and the Startup Nation’s strong partnership with the US.   View the video below or play it on Fox News here. Watch the latest video at...

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