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[Mermades Seafood in Delicious Food] The Israeli firm has unveiled a singular course of for advertising laboratory-grown seafood

The COVID-19 pandemic has given a big increase to the choice meals trade as shoppers have gotten extra fascinated by sustainable and safer meat and seafood options. However whereas laboratory-grown meat and different merchandise have garnered sturdy investor help lately, making a grown product requires cost-effective parts, applied sciences and processes. Read...

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[Mermades Seafood in NoCamels] Israeli Firm Reveals Innovative Process To Commercialize Lab-Grown Seafood

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the alternative food industry a significant boost as consumers have become more interested in meat and seafood solutions that are sustainable and safer to eat. But even as lab-grown meat and other products have obtained significant backing from investors in the past few years, creating a cultured product requires ingredients, technologies, and processes that are just not cost effective. Read...

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[Mermade in Forbes] Mermade unveils the secret to mass production of cultured seafood

Jerusalem-based Mermade Seafoods is going to reveal today the “secret sauce” behind its promise to make cultured meat and seafood a commercial reality, starting with the sustainable mass production of scallops. CEO and co-founder Daniel Einhorn will talk about Mermade’s breakthrough in OurCrowd’s online event “Investing in the Circular Economy: From Trash to Cash,” but here is the sneak preview. Read...

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