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[Ynsect in Nature] Marubeni hopes Japan will snap up bug-based fish feed

TOKYO — Are insects the answer to the Japanese fish farming industry’s worries about soaring food costs? Trading house Marubeni is on a quest to find out. The Japanese company has signed a basic agreement with Ynsect, a French startup that operates insect farms raising nutrient-rich mealworm larvae, to develop feed suited to fish commonly farmed in Japan like sea bream and yellowtail. Read more...

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[Neolithics in Fresh Plaza] Reducing food waste through non-destructive internal inspection of avocados, mangos and other fruit

For the first time in Israel, a lab will check if avocados are ripe and readyThe age old questions remain of when will my avocado or mango be ripe or will it ripen at all? “This can now be answered through the non-destructive quality control and inspection AI technology of Neolithics that reduces fruit waste,” says Wayne Nathanson, VP of business development for the start-up company based in Israel. to eat before marketing. Read...

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