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[Flytrex in MarketScale] As delivery apps spread, innovating the last mile remains an end goal

Host Barbara Castiglia welcomed to The Main Course Yariv Bash, CEO of Flytrex, to discuss an innovation in food delivery that has long been on the radar, but whose growth has been exacerbated by the pandemic: drones. While his company was founded in 2013 under different circumstances, it only took until 2016 for Bash and his team to realize that drone deliveries were “gonna happen.” Read...

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[Flytrex in Spectrum News1] Drone delivery service brings food directly to backyards

Paul Rossi is the flight operation manager for Causey Aviation Unmanned and is working with Flytrex to deliver dinner to people’s backyards. Growing up, he said he always wanted to be a pilot. Now, he’s in charge of the entire drone pilot operation. The pilot program is just in Holly Springs now, but they hope to extend the opportunity to more pilots and customers. Read...

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