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Israeli companies making their mark on CES 2013

I’m not sure how many of our readers know about Israeli attendance at tech shows. There’s the apocryphal very real story about the planes full of hundreds of Israeli attendees who attend the GSMA — Mobile World Congress every year. While plenty of them are there, Israelis haven’t built a similar, influential presence in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held yearly in Las Vegas. That may be changing as Israeli technology makes its way closer and closer to the consumer. Israeli hand gesture firms make impact at CES Two firms, PointGrab and eyeSight used CES to announce major supplier agreements with the likes of Samsung and AMD. Both firms compete in the 2D gesture technology space and with these deals in place, consumers will soon see their tech in mobile devices and tablets. You can read more about these two companies and their technologies in David Shamah’s column. Even CEO of Intel Israel, Mooly Eden was talking up gesture technologies at CES this year. He calls his latest venture “perceptual computing” and believes these technologies will change the nature of...

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Control your TV with hand gestures

It’s an inside joke that Israelis couldn’t communicate with one another if we couldn’t use our hands. Playing to this strength, startup firm, eyeSight has developed technology to enable people to control their TV using hand gestures. In a recent article on Wired UK, an eyeSight executive said: [bra_blockquote align=””]We are working with Innodigital and other partners on natural gesture GUI libraries which will define a new standard in natural user interfaces. A wave can be used to signal bye-bye or hello, a flick of the wrist can signal the wish to go forward or back, global hand signs like OK or thumbs-up can be used within context.[/bra_blockquote] eyeSight’s speciality is developing cutting-edge touch-free user interfaces and will partner with a Korean set-top box OEM to bring this new product to market. Read more about eyeSight’s recent announcement on...

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