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Not just another acquisition headline

If you are like me — an innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiast — then you get excited when you read headlines about the latest acquisition of a startup by a large multinational corporation. You get excited on behalf of the startup’s founders and team that they have reached the culmination of what must have been an incredible journey. You get excited about the possibility that the integration will go well, and that with the large company’s resources behind it, the startup’s technology can soar to new heights. If the company being acquired is local, you get excited about what this means for your tech ecosystem: more talented, experienced employees and management now available to help the next wave of local startups scale, and potentially more capital flowing in now that investors are paying a little bit closer attention. Most people, however, read the headline, process it, and move on. This is understandable given what little impact the merger or acquisition will have on their lives or on the lives of anyone they know. While they may be happy for the presumed financial success of the startup’s...

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The Democratization of Investing: OurCrowd’s 2015 Year In Review [Infographic]

In 2015, OurCrowd achieved groundbreaking figures investing in Israeli and global startups. OurCrowd has effectively disrupted and democratized the venture-capital space, offering accredited investors the chance to partake in the lucrative industry. As we continue to build on the strong foundation we set down just three years ago, OurCrowd managed to shatter (even its own) records and rise even higher as a leader on the equity crowdfunding scene, setting the bar high for other investment crowdfunding platforms. OurCrowd stands at the forefront of the key trends revealed in the report. This year we have surpassed raising $200M for 91 startups making us the single largest investor in the Israeli tech ecosystem. We are driving the democratization of venture capital, opening the door to tens of thousands of accredited investors who want  a shot at the enormous riches now coming from investing in private companies, and bringing the hotbed of Israeli and global innovation and entrepreneurial activity to our investors through the power of the crowd.” ~ Jon Medved, OurCrowd Founder & CEO To capture the scope of these amazing achievements, OurCrowd created...

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Updates from Startup Nation: the who, the where, the exits [OurCrowd Newsletter]

What makes the Startup Nation tick? One might argue strongly it’s the people – and often, those people happen to be alumni of elite IDF units. Read on about that, the latest in Israeli exits, ‘pop-up’ therapists’ offices in New York City, and more. Don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to get these updates directly to your inbox! Microsoft buys Israeli cybersec startup Aoroto for $200M Microsoft confirmed that it has acquired Aorato, an Israel-based maker of security solutions co-founded by veterans of the Israeli defense forces, which only exited from stealth earlier this year. Aorato’s focus is on enterprise services in the cloud and in hybrid on-premise and cloud environments, using machine learning to detect suspicious patterns. Read up on the exit. Bubbling with innovation: Israeli therapy bubbles pop up in NY Israeli startup Talkspace erected large transparent bubbles last week on New York’s Fifth Avenue to offer free online psychological treatment to pedestrians. Passersby can enter a fake living room inside an inflated dome and chat online with a psychologist for free. The project’s aim is to raise awareness...

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