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[eVigilo in Israel21c] Israeli tech for mass-notification alerts saves lives

When Lior Shalev, CEO of eVigilo, arrived at his office in Netanya on Tuesday last week, he checked into the back office of his company’s emergency mass-notification system to ensure that it was working smoothly in Chile. A few hours earlier, a major earthquake of magnitude 7.1 had struck the South American country and rocked the capital of Santiago. eVigilo (evigilo is Latin for “be alert”) makes a geo-targeted system that enables officials to send out mass alerts simultaneously to computers, mobile phones, radio, sirens, social networks and television within seconds – even if all regular networks are busy. Read more on Israel21c...

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[eVigilo in The Jerusalem Post] Israeli missile alert technology saves lives in Chile

The Israeli company, eVigilo, specializes in mass-notifications and has been using its innovative technology to save countless lives. An Israeli company, eVigilo, is behind Sunday’s mass evacuation from an earthquake in Chile, which likely saved thousands of lives from the temblor and subsequent tsunami that hit the country’s southern coast. After a 7.7-magnitude earthquake was registered on Sunday by Chile’s naval oceanographic service, Chile’s National Emergency Office ordered an evacuation of more than 4,000 residents and tourists from the nearby coastal areas in anticipation of a potential tsunami. The timely warning and evacuation alert were issued via the software platform of Netanya-based eVigilo to thousands of cellphones in the threatened area. Read more on The Jerusalem Post...

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[eVigilo in Defense News] US National Guard chief meets in Israel on emergency readiness

Developed by Netanya, Israel-based Evigilo, the software-development house for Homefront Command, the new National Alert system is a multiyear program worth tens of millions of shekels, said Lior Shalev, company chief executive officer. Evigilo delivered the system to IDF users earlier this summer, and it is now undergoing intensive field evaluations. “Today, when it comes to Homefront Command technology, in one way or another, we’re there,” said Shalev. Read more on Defense News...

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[eVigilo in the Digital Journal] Recent Emergency Events in Ecuador and Japan Leave Devastation and Disaster

From detection to action in seconds, eVigilo saves lives with field-proven solution, real-time alerts, and offers unrivaled technology accessed by millions. MILFORD, CT, May 10, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — With a history of devastating earthquakes and tsunami’s in Chile, a reliable and fast national alert system was of the utmost importance. Deploying the eVigilo solutions in 2012 has been a life-saving addition to the countries security measures. eVigilo offers a proven multi-channel, national alert system – saving lives all over the world. Read more in the Digital...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company eVigilo featured on Times of Israel

The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world, featured OurCrowd portfolio company eVigilo, which uses every media available to inform people where to go for help in case disaster happens. eVigilo offers national, state, and local governments and large corporations a series of sophisticated emergency alert systems as a service. After a year-long pilot program, Israel’s Homefront Command selected Israeli firm eVigilo’s SMART Internet to power its new iOref app, which will be ready for download later this summer. Using push message technology that finds users without their having to connect to a service, iOref’s iPhone, Android and Windows mobile apps will deliver alerts and notifications to everyone in Israel using the app, or to users in a specific part of the country. It’s a kind of personalization of the “Red Alert” loudspeaker system that warns residents of Israel’s south of incoming rockets from Gaza, taking advantage of the fact that Israelis have among the most smartphones per capita in the world. eVigilo raised $385,000 from OurCrowd investors in September 2013. Read more on The Times of...

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