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Flipping the script: Investors take the stage to pitch to startups

Pitching to investors isn’t an easy task, to say the least. The entire ordeal can be a daunting and at times, tough on an entrepreneur’s confidence level. Well, entrepreneurs fed up of pitching to countless investors now have chance to turn the tables. Capital On Stage is the unconventional global funding conference that puts top-tier investors on stage to pitch to the finest tech startup founders, instead of the reverse. At Capital On Stage conferences, investors take the stage to deliver an unraveling five-minute presentation without slides to briefly explain who they are, their investment strategy, the markets they invest in, and what they bring to the table to support startups besides cash. The idea is to give startup founders better insights in what kind of investors (or funds) are out there. Earlier this year, Capital On Stage held its first international conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. The innovative international investment event held at the premises of law firm Herzog Fox & Neeman drew in hundreds of highly regarded investors and promising entrepreneurs form all over the globe. Turning the tables: Investors pitching startups at COS Tel Aviv Among the world renowned...

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Israel: one of the best places in the world to start a company

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote that London is hosting 15 Israeli tech companies in hopes of changing public opinion: that London is not just a stop on the way to Silicon Valley. Israel has branded itself as “The Startup Nation,” a name that has been thrown around in all four corners of the earth. But with all of this talent and ingenuity, there is a lot of competition for Israeli entrepreneurs. In order to get ahead, many entrepreneurs travel abroad and obtain foreign experience before coming back and making it big. London is geographically closer to Israel than the states and is only a two hour time difference. That is a big plus. When Israeli’s travel to California, they are burdened by the time difference and the 16 hour flight. London seems like a logical place for Israeli’s to expand. London is in competition with many other countries trying to accumulate these Israeli entrepreneurs searching for business experience abroad. And it seems that London is doing a pretty darn good job. But is London a better place to...

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