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[mPrest in Business Wire] mPrest completes project With Israel Electric Corporation

mPrest, a global provider of mission-critical monitoring, control and analytics software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), critical infrastructure security and defense sectors, today announced the completion of their Information Grid project – a platform enabling the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) to optimize and further secure the management and control of all its disparate systems, process, assets, facilities and infrastructure. Using mPrest’s command, control and analytics product, tens of thousands of IEC’s sensors across 600 sites and mobile assets are now connected through a single platform, which aggregates, analyzes and outputs data while enabling real-time end-to-end processes and integration of IT and Operational Technology(OT) platforms. Adoption of the mPrest platform provided all IEC departments a holistic and aggregated, real-time picture of their operations. The project is a model for the services mPrest provides to other power utilities worldwide. mPrest’s current customers are spread around the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Read more on Business Wire...

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[Influitive in PR Newswire] Influitive launches Upshot to create authentic customer stories for B2B companies

Customers want to hear stories from peers, not brands: this is what companies can now achieve with Upshot, a new customer story generation tool from Influitive, the advocate marketing experts. Upshot helps marketers generate and spotlight authentic customer stories with ease. Influitive also announced significant advancements to its flagship advocate marketing platform, AdvocateHub. Read more on PR Newswire...

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[Replay Technologies in The Boston Globe] Get up close — very close — and personal with Tom Brady in new ad

Thanks to Intel, Patriots fans now know for sure what they’ve long suspected: Tom Brady’s morning routine is totally ordinary, except for his bauhaus-styled home, immaculate kitchen, and of course, being Tom Brady. In a new ad posted Friday to YouTube, the computer technology maker pitches its “360 Replay Technology” — which the company said combines images from multiple high-definition cameras into seamless footage. The ad will air during the Super Bowl. Read more on The Boston Globe...

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[Intuition Robotics in The Verge] ElliQ is a friendly looking Amazon Alexa for the elderly

The ElliQ is a new product from Israeli startup Intuition Robotics that aims to help take care of elderly family members, allowing them to continue to live at home even as they grow older. The company describes ElliQ as an “active aging companion,” and it looks like a combination of an Android tablet, a digital assistant like Alexa or Siri, and software designed to help the elderly connect with friends and family. What makes ElliQ unique is the robot component: an attached bobble head-esque animatronic that provides a physical, moving manifestation of the digital assistant. Read more on The Verge...

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[Intuition Robotics in VentureBeat] ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged

Robots for dispatching medical goods. Robots for delivering food. Robots for transporting people. Robots for managing warehouse logistics. Robots are no longer confined to science fiction — they’re infiltrating every facet of our lives. One area, in particular, that is increasingly receiving the attentions of robots is healthcare — or, more specifically, robots that provide companionship to elderly people to “improve the quality of life.” The latest company to enter the fray is Israeli startup Intuition Robotics, which emerged from stealth this week touting itself as a company “developing social companion technology to positively impact the lives of millions of older adults.” Read more on VentureBeat...

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