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[Influitive in PR Newswire] Influitive launches Upshot to create authentic customer stories for B2B companies

Customers want to hear stories from peers, not brands: this is what companies can now achieve with Upshot, a new customer story generation tool from Influitive, the advocate marketing experts. Upshot helps marketers generate and spotlight authentic customer stories with ease. Influitive also announced significant advancements to its flagship advocate marketing platform, AdvocateHub. Read more on PR Newswire...

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[Replay Technologies in The Boston Globe] Get up close — very close — and personal with Tom Brady in new ad

Thanks to Intel, Patriots fans now know for sure what they’ve long suspected: Tom Brady’s morning routine is totally ordinary, except for his bauhaus-styled home, immaculate kitchen, and of course, being Tom Brady. In a new ad posted Friday to YouTube, the computer technology maker pitches its “360 Replay Technology” — which the company said combines images from multiple high-definition cameras into seamless footage. The ad will air during the Super Bowl. Read more on The Boston Globe...

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[BriefCam in Wired] BriefCam’s algorithms can spot murderers and monitor bees

Briefcam has helped police find mass murderer Anders Breivik, spot the Boston marathon bombers and make sense of the Brussels attacks. How? By distilling hours of CCTV footage into minute-long clips. “We call it video-synopsis,” explains Dror Irani, Briefcam’s CEO. “We extract the motion over a stationary background, store it in a database and show it over a short time.” Read more on Wired...

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[prooV in The Jerusalem Post] ProoV: the start-up that test-drives start-ups for the world’s largest companies

ProoV is the first ever so-called “pilot-as-a-service” company, and the only one in the world currently. Herziliya-based prooV decided to revolutionize the way big companies test and acquire software solutions from start-ups by creating a platform that helps independent software vendors (ISVs) provide proof-of-concept quickly and efficiently. Read more on The Jerusalem Post...

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[Replay Technologies in NoCamels] Meet the winners: Our pick for 2016’s coolest Israeli startups

In an age of video on demand (VOD), sporting events are among the few broadcasts still watched live. Millions of people watch events such as the World Cup Final and the Super Bowl, giving Israeli startup Replay Technologies a huge reach. Founded in 2011, the company has developed a method of filming called freeD, which generates instant, real-time 3D replays that have already been used at the 2012 London Olympics, in Yankee Stadium, and at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, giant chip maker Intel bought Replay for $175 million. Read more on NoCamels...

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