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[EdenShield in CleanTechnica] Israel Is A Hotbed Of Sustainable & Innovative AgriTech

Exploring the unique characteristics of desert plants, EdenShield has studied and applied the beneficial extracts found in them to develop a family of natural, nontoxic products. The products can protect crops against damage from insects. Agritech is looking for more natural solutions for farmers as crop damage is costly, and conscious consumers are turning away from synthetic solutions. Other VCs are interested in this technology, with backers such as Trendlines Group also investing alongside OurCrowd. Read more on CleanTechnica...

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[EdenShield in Times of Israel] Bayer to invest $10 million in Israeli ag tech fund

Israeli venture fund and tech accelerator firm Trendlines announced Tuesday that it had entered into a partnership deal to set up a new fund to support Israeli agriculture technology start-ups with a $10 million investment from pharmaceutical giant Bayer. The five-year deal will see Bayer work with Israeli firms involved in areas like biopesticides, packaging technology, and crop and animal breeding technologies. Read more in the Times of...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company EdenShield featured in The Times of Israel

OurCrowd’s portfolio company EdenShield was featured in The Times of Israel, an English-language news website covering Israel, the region & the Jewish world. EdenShield are the producers of a novel plant extract from the Israeli Judean Desert that makes crops odorless to pests, preventing multi-billion dollar crop damage. EdenShield, a portfolio company of Trendlines Agtech, develops insect-control solutions derived from natural plant extracts. The products are nontoxic, so they pose no danger to growers or consumers. And they can be used throughout the growing period, especially during the critical pre-harvest period. According to D. Todd Dollinger of the Trendlines Agtech accelerator, EdenShield’s products “have the capacity to make a major impact on our food chain, making production more efficient and consumption healthier.” EdenShield raised $712,000 from OurCrowd investors in 2014. Read more on The Times of Israel...

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