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[Diagnostic Robotics in EKMH Innovators] Interview: Diagnostic Robotics Founders Dr. Kira Radinsky and Yonatan Amir on AI, Machine Learning, Digital Health Innovation, Data Mining and More

It’s been an exciting year for Diagnostic Robotics ChairWoman & CTO Kira Radinsky, PhD and Diagnostic Robotics CEO Yonathan Amir. Diagnostic Robotics has brought together the leading artificial intelligence researchers in Israel and the United States to create a powerful AI solution trained on data from more than 27 million patient visits and currently in use at more than 75% of HMOs in Israel. The system seeks to seamlessly integrate into the major touch points along the patient journey, providing high-value decision support while slashing administrative burdens, massively reducing the cost of care, and improving patient experiences, and already counts Anthem, Brown University, Salesforce, Deloitte and the Mayo Clinic among its clients and partners. Read...

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[Diagnostic Robotics in Business Insider] Most health execs expect widespread implementation of AI in the next 5 years

The onslaught of coronavirus cases clogged hospital operations—pulling AI-enabled solutions that streamline triage into the spotlight. For example, the Mayo Clinic partnered with AI firm Diagnostic Robotics to implement an AI-powered predictive analytics platform for patient triage to minimize unnecessary hospitalizations and optimize clinical decision-making. Read...

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