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This week on OurCrowd’s QuickFire webinar: Mark One, Influitive, and ElMindA

Check it out: May was one of OurCrowd’s most active months to date for investment opportunities. As part of OurCrowd’s new QuickFire webinar series, we presented three of our latest investment opportunities — Mark One (lifestyle tech), Influitive (advocate marketing), and ElMindA (brain mapping) — in order to allow investors to get to know the companies, hear updates, and meet their platforms. View the webinar recording below or online here. QuickFire Webinar: A Chance to Meet 3 Companies in 1 Hour (6/3/15) The next QuickFire webinar will be held later this month, for information and updates on the time and date email us at webinar@ourcrowd.com. To find out more about these investment opportunities and others on our investment platform, click here. ——— [xyz-ihs...

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What We’re Investing In: Current investment opportunities on OurCrowd (January 2015)

OurCrowd’s portfolio growth is expanding: this month, featured opportunities include innovative companies in the medical technology and cyber security spaces. Stay tuned – there are more deals to be announced before the end of the month; bookmark this post to view the next deals. TheraCoat: Hydrogel-based drug delivery A major pain point for pharmacologists when developing drugs is finding a substance that can efficiently deliver the needed medication before the body’s natural fluids wash it away. TheraCoat’s Intracavity Drug Retention System (ICDR) was created to solve that very problem. Their patent-protected substance liquefies when in cool temperatures and hardens in hot temperatures. The ICDR is mixed with the necessary drug and taken in liquid form. When the liquid reaches the cavity, body heat causes the substance to harden and stick to the walls of the cavity. This enables the drug to be emitted at a slow, consistent rate, without being washed away by the body’s fluid. So far, TheraCoat has experienced significant early traction, conducting a number of successful test trials and securing regulatory clearance in a number of...

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What We’re Investing In: Current Investment Opportunities on OurCrowd (December 2014)

Happy holidays and welcome to OurCrowd’s ‘What We’re Investing In’ series. To date, OurCrowd and our network of angel investors have invested over $80M in 56 startup companies. Aside from these exciting investment opportunities, we are also launching a series of educational webinars with leading tech industry experts to further dissect the sectors that we are investing in. Stay tuned and visit www.ourcrowd.com for more information. Borro – Secure asset backed loans The 2008 financial crisis brought to light the desperate need for reform in the traditional yet antiquated banking and lending systems. In just six short years, companies like Lending Club and Prosper managed to capitalize on the opportunity and broker over $5B in unsecured, peer-to-peer loans. Borro, a UK-based lending platform takes a novel, more secure approach to online lending. Taking a loan from Borro requires pledging a physical asset, which is appraised and held in a warehouse for the term of the loan. Asset backed lending mitigates risk for the lender and allows asset rich individuals to borrow money without actually selling any of their assets....

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Lucid Energy Receives Funding From Israel’s OurCrowd

OurCrowd is proud to announce the funding for our 1st U.S. portfolio company Lucid Energy Inc., a provider of renewable energy systems.  Lucid Energy’s patented LucidPipe™ Power System enables industrial, municipal and agricultural facilities to generate clean, reliable, low-cost electricity from the water grid. “We are thrilled to be working with OurCrowd,” said Gregg Semler, CEO of Lucid Energy Inc. “The speed and efficiency of the OurCrowd platform – which has brought entrepreneurial investors to us from as far away as Israel, New York, Brazil and Australia – is amazing.” Lucid Energy, based in Portland, Oregon, was formed in 2007 as an innovative clean technology company focused on creating a new way for industries to turn the untapped energy of moving water into cost-saving, renewable energy. “Water usage worldwide is growing rapidly, and in order to meet this demand, thousands of miles of water pipelines are being built in fast-developing countries while, at the same time, many of the world’s existing pipelines are aging and in dire need of repairs.” For more information read the full article published on...

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What Israeli entrepreneurs are working on now

After opening our doors last fall, we’ve gotten to know so many of you: thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, and partners. Particularly, we’re seeing an incredible number of really high-quality startups. A huge percentage of these are companies founded by serial entrepreneurs with differentiated technologies and real tractions (with serious users, customers, revenues, etc.). An incredibly high number fit our investment methodology and criteria. I thought it would be interesting to break down what our deal flow looks like (thanks to our resident geniuses, David S, David C, and Jeremy for pulling this data). What Israeli entrepreneurs are working on now So far, OurCrowd has seen: Total deals 175 deals since Jan 1, 2013 (100+ deals per month)  350 deals (received actual materials) since Nov 1, 2012 Maturity of deal flow deal flow has ranged from seed investments to Series C, with sweetspot in the Series A range Internationality of deals while the vast majority of our deal flow comes from Israel, we have looked at deals from 9 countries Sector breakdown of deals  We’re seeing the most activity in...

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