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[DailyPay in Payments Journal] PNC Treasury Management Launches Innovative On-Demand Pay Solution Powered by DailyPay

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 23, 2022 – PNC Treasury Management today announced a groundbreaking new on-demand pay solution, PNC EarnedIt. Powered by DailyPay Marketplace, PNC EarnedIt offers pay on-demand – a highly sought-after employee-benefit – to its clients allowing them to provide their employees access to earned pay – throughout any point in the pay cycle – prior to payday. Read...

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[DailyPay in PR Newswire] Manna Inc. and its affiliates, leading restaurant operators, leverage DailyPay for a competitive edge in hiring and retaining staff

Manna Inc. and its affiliates, among America’s leading restaurant affiliate operators, has partnered with DailyPay to offer their employees a transformative financial wellness benefit that is enabling them to hire faster and retain employees longer. With the popular DailyPay benefit, employees have the power and control over their pay, with the ability to access their earned pay immediately after completing a shift. Research commissioned by DailyPay shows that, when using DailyPay, employees end or reduce their reliance on payday loans or pay overdraft fees to make ends meet. Read...

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