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In the News: What is Startup Nation’s next act?

As I like to say, Israel has a knack for turning “curses” into blessings, as Forbes mentions: “From challenging initial conditions–wilderness and desert, surrounded by hostile neighbors–Israelis have succeeded in developing a diversified and flourishing tech sector that is hardwired for entrepreneurial innovation.” Read up on Startup Nation’s Next Act: Becoming The World’s Open Innovation Valley as well as why Israel is set to become a 2020s tech powerhouse. Startup Nation and beyond Exciting news for Trusona, named one of the world’s 100 most promising start-ups to watch in 2019’s Upstart100 by CNBC. See who else made the list. UK Israel Tech Hub Launches 2020 Program With a Focus on Healthcare – The U.K. could benefit from Israel’s medtech capabilities, British Ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, said at the program’s launch event in Tel Aviv.  Check out which Israeli companies are driving innovation in diabetes care and treatment, including OurCrowd portfolio company DreaMed Diabetes. NanoLock Security joins forces with Mekorot to collaborate on device level cyber defense solutions to protect critical infrastructure from outsider, insider and supply chain cyberattacks. Top tech...

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Why are investors excited about cyber security startups — again?

“The cyber security market is in a Renaissance” Israel is known by most people as the Startup Nation, thanks to the its startup companies and numerous success stories. However, over the years Israel has also come to be known as a Cyber Nation.  Given its own experiences and geography, Israel has become a leader in the cybersecurity field and is uniquely positioned for cyber challenges. The government, VC’s and angel investors are now more than ever investing in and promoting the cyber security market in Israel. But, why are investors excited about cyber security startups? Ron Moritz, one of OurCrowd’s mentors, gave a keynote address at OWASP Israel at the IDC (400+ attendees) about investing in startup cyber security companies, addressing the recent surge in the market’s popularity among investors and highlights which products and services for the cyber security market are hot right now. View his presentation below: Why Are Investors Excited About Cyber Security Startups, Again? from...

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