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Sharing is Caring: From Ownership to Collaborative Consumption in a Sharing Economy

Airbnb and Uber may have become household terms, but they are far from being the only successful players in the sharing economy, also known as the gig economy, the peer economy and collaborative consumption – terms that refer to technology companies that enable individuals to rent out their under-used assets or skills. Companies like Chegg (homework help), WeWork (office sharing), Lyft (ride sharing), TaskRabbit (household errands), SoBi (bike sharing), Prosper (peer-to-peer lending), Boatbound (boat sharing), Zipcar (car sharing) and Etsy (a handmade marketplace) – as well as “Golden Oldie” eBay – are just some of the noteworthy names in the sharing space. The sharing economy has developed to cover a wide variety of core verticals, the primary ones being transportation, real estate, goods, and money, but that also has seen interesting developments in areas like utilities, health, food, and the corporate arena. But what makes the sharing economy significant, and why is it growing so fast? Part of the answer is that it brings together strangers by mobilizing technology, markets, and crowdsourcing capabilities, which creates a novel way of doing...

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Crowdsourcing the next big M&A with Merjerz

I had the privilege of meeting Arye Schreiber, an Israeli entrepreneur and founder of a new startup Merjerz. Optimizing the M&A experience Merjerz is an online “dating” site for prospective acquirers and targets to meet and enhance the M&A experience. It works by users of the site proposing M&A deals, and then other users commenting on the specific deal. For example, Jon Smith puts up a link that says “Cisco should acquire OurCrowd.” Merjerz’s users then can add their insights, creating a stream of up-to-date data, opinion, and crowdsourced sentiment. Now the acquirers are far better informed on specific companies and can make a better and more optimal choice and decision. This information is extremely hard to obtain, and the plan of the Merjerz is to charge large businesses and corporations yearly membership fees. The site also has a Corporate Review page, where the pros and cons of any hi-tech company can be discussed. Everyone can use this information for current, credible, and professional perspectives on a hi-tech corporation. One of the best traits to have when starting a company is experience in the field. Arye...

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