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What We’re Investing In: Current investment opportunities on OurCrowd (January 2015)

OurCrowd’s portfolio growth is expanding: this month, featured opportunities include innovative companies in the medical technology and cyber security spaces. Stay tuned – there are more deals to be announced before the end of the month; bookmark this post to view the next deals. TheraCoat: Hydrogel-based drug delivery A major pain point for pharmacologists when developing drugs is finding a substance that can efficiently deliver the needed medication before the body’s natural fluids wash it away. TheraCoat’s Intracavity Drug Retention System (ICDR) was created to solve that very problem. Their patent-protected substance liquefies when in cool temperatures and hardens in hot temperatures. The ICDR is mixed with the necessary drug and taken in liquid form. When the liquid reaches the cavity, body heat causes the substance to harden and stick to the walls of the cavity. This enables the drug to be emitted at a slow, consistent rate, without being washed away by the body’s fluid. So far, TheraCoat has experienced significant early traction, conducting a number of successful test trials and securing regulatory clearance in a number of...

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[Crosswise in Geektime] Crosswise: Identifying the users in the crowd [Geektime Conference]

Most users today have multiple devices for surfing the web, chatting with friends, and of course, catching up on various social networks. While this is a good thing for the users, who can now update statuses from the bed – for advertisers it’s a significant problem, since they lose the identity of the users during their transition, and thus, can’t offer the best ads for them. The Israeli startup Crosswise is interested in helping media companies to identify the users even when they’re moving between a variety of devices, thus improving their advertising capabilities. Read more in...

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OurCrowd’s portfolio company Crosswise featured in Calcalist

OurCrowd’s portfolio company Crosswise was featured in Israel’s leading financial publication, Calcalist.       Excerpt from the article (translated from Hebrew): “Hong-Kong mogul Li Ka-shing through Horizon Ventures participated in a $2 million funding round in Israeli startup Crosswise, which operates in the online advertising field. The funding round was led by Israeli Giza Ventures. Additional investors participating int he funding round include OurCrowd and other private investors, such as Moshe Lichtman, the previous President of Microsoft’s Israel R&D Center.” Crosswise raised $525,000 from OurCrowd investors in 2013. Read more on Calcalist (Hebrew)...

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